Top 15 Most Extraordinary Office Buildings in World

Топ-15 самых неординарных офисных зданий в мире
20 October 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

In most cases, office buildings have a rather laconic appearance, and the offices in them are a set of standard furniture and walls in dull colors.

Nevertheless, there are always exceptions.

Old or new, with complex or simple structures, these buildings are undoubtedly the most incredible in the world. There are attractive, there are unusual, and there are just crazy buildings, real masterpieces of world architecture.

In the offices presented in our article, the working day is pleasure. And the unique appearance in harmony with the innovative design exactly contribute to the comfortable work of employees and good productivity.

We present the TOP 10 most unusual office buildings in the world:

Dancing House in Prague (Czech Republic)

The famous Dancing House was built in 1996 by Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunic. This is one of the best monuments of deconstructivism, which has caused lively criticism among architects who identify Prague with Gothic and Baroque. The house, which the wits nicknamed "drunk", actually symbolizes a pair of great Hollywood dancers Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. Broken lines, deformed elements, complex composition, abundance of glass – an unusual building broke stereotypes and became a real pearl of Prague. Today it houses the headquarters of several international companies, and the top floor is occupied by the restaurant of French cuisine "Pearl of Prague".

Crooked house in Sopot (Poland)

"Crooked House" in this case is not a popular nickname, but an official name. This funny building was built in 2004 by architects Shotinsky and Zalevsky, who were inspired by the work of artists Sancerre and Dahlberg. As a result, they created a house in which the two main facades do not have a single straight line. Everything is crooked here - walls, windows and even the roof covered with "scales". A few more details directly refer to the marine theme: Sopot is a seaside town. The interiors of the building, in contrast to the deconstructivist exterior, are quite handsome. Offices, a retail area and a restaurant are located on an area of about 4 thousand m2.

Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo (Japan)

Another amazing office building was built in Japan in 1972 by architect Kise Kurokawa. The Nakagin Tower is the first capsule building in the world, which was originally conceived as a residential high-rise. The complex consists of two towers with a height of 11 and 13 floors, on which 140 modules are "strung". The module is attached to only 4 bolts. To increase the space, the capsules can be connected to each other. Today, office and residential premises are located in the Nakagin Tower, and the architectural solution does not cease to amaze tourists even four decades later.

ING House in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Perhaps, when viewed from below, this building will remind you of a beetle with 16 legs, but do not believe your eyes. In fact, this is a house-shoe. The building was built in 2001 according to the project of the studio Meyeren Van Schooten. Today it belongs to ING Bank. The "boot" houses office space, conference rooms, an auditorium, a museum, a library and a restaurant. The construction material is anodized aluminum and glass. The house is one of the most expensive buildings in Holland. The interiors are designed in a modern style and complemented by a large number of live plants.

Office Centre 1000 in Kaunas (Lithuania)

Most often in Lithuania, this business center is called a "Banknote". The facade of a 20-storey building looks like a 1 thousand litas bill that was in circulation in the 20s of the last century. The "banknote" is slightly "dented" due to the bends of the facades. The building was erected in 2008 according to the project of the architectural bureau RA Studija. The concept of the project is to remind modern entrepreneurs about the traditions of the country, its strengths of the economy and independence. The image on the facade is a huge glass puzzle, on the pieces of which a special enamel is applied. At night, a spectacular backlight turns on in the business center, and the drawing looks even more realistic. Having an office in the "Banknote" is considered very prestigious, so there are a lot of large companies located here. Of course! Such a design is definitely conducive to making money.

The Piano Building in Huainan (China)

China, also an allegory, but so delightful and elegant! The Piano Building was erected in 2007 by students of the Faculty of Architecture at Hefey University of Technology and Huainan Fangkai Decoration Project Co. A fragile glass violin leaned on a piano made of tinted black glass. At night, the ensemble looks even more amazing: the volumes of buildings dissolve in the dark, and neon illumination indicates their contours. Paradoxically, there is an exhibition complex in the piano, and an escalator in the violin. But for some reason there is no concert hall there.

The Robot Building in Bangkok (Thailand)

The architect of the "Robot House" Samet Yumsai, the head of the company that received an order for the construction of a new building from the bank, faced an unusual task. He needed to build such an office for a financial corporation so that it would be clear that the bank attaches great importance to computer technology. Having broken his head over the embodiment of this idea, Samet Yumsai saw that the solution was on the surface - literally in the hands of his son playing with a transformer robot. Soon the idea was brought to life. A stepped building with a torso, arms, head and even antennae appeared. It really looks like a real robot. It should be noted that the "toy" creation brought the architect world fame.

The F&F Tower in Panama City (Panama)

F&F Tower is an office building located in the financial quarter in the center Panama City. The F&F Tower is the most recognizable and most frequently photographed building in Panama. The spiral -shaped building rises to a height of 243 m . Each of its 39 upper floors (and there are 52 of them in the building) rotated by 9 degrees relative to the previous one. Bright, iridescent turquoise and emerald shades make the skyscraper even more noticeable against the background of neighboring gray skyscrapers.

In 2011, F&F Tower received the world's most prestigious architectural award for architectural excellence and functionality — the Emporis Skyscraper Award. The building also ranked 7th in the world among the most beautiful and unusual office skyscrapers.

The Basket Building in Ohio (USA)

Just imagine a picnic basket worth $30 million. Madness? No! This is a reality if you are in Ohio. Exactly such a building with an area of 1800 m2 was built in this state in 1997. His story is really impressive. One day, businessman Dave Longaberger achieved great success in the production of outdoor recreation goods. The most popular item was a picnic basket. The businessman decided to perpetuate it and ordered architects an unusual project for the headquarters of the company Longaberger. A cheerful yellow building with "handles" on the roof is designed to remind locals and tourists that there are no trifles in business! Sometimes they bring the most significant income.

Fisheries Department Building in Hyderabad (India)

This building was erected in 2012. Its appearance is a bit stunning: in front of you is a giant fish with fins, tail and evil eyes. But Captain Obvious is not asleep: it is here that the National Fisheries Complex is located. Sitting inside the fish, its employees are working on innovative technologies for fishing and agriculture. Who knows, maybe the office is their kind of fish Muse.

Wuliangye Yibin Building in Yibin (China)

If alcohol advertising is banned in all countries of the world tomorrow, then the Chinese company Wuliangye Yibin will not be upset – in 2010 it built a whole building in the form of its branded vodka bottle. It houses a factory, offices and a museum for visitors. There are smaller bottles around. Even if you want to, you are unlikely to forget such a brand.

The headquarters of the Bank NORD/LB in Hanover (Germany)

In the center of Hanover there is the most famous landmark of the city — a futuristic building belonging to one of the largest commercial banks in Germany, NORD/LB.

Built in 2002, the building was awarded the prestigious British Stirling Prize for a unique architectural solution. The structure consists of glass and steel blocks connected by transparent corridors.

1.5 thousand bank employees work on an area of 40 thousand m2, there is a restaurant and an art gallery where postmodernist works are exhibited. Interestingly, in the evenings, when the lights turn on, the building looks like a real fairy-tale castle.

Apple Headquarters inCupertino (USA)

The headquarters of Apple Corporation is located in the city of Cupertino in Silicon Valley and occupies more than six dozen buildings. This place is often called a "campus" because of its huge size and similarity to American university campuses. 

Giant lobbies are flooded with light, billboards and stands urge you to "think differently", and bright offices are literally crammed with cutting-edge gadgets. There are conference rooms, wireless testing laboratories, gyms, cafes and much, much more, including a company store - for the incoming clouds of tourists.

Of course, we could not avoid Cyprus. Moreover, Island of Aphrodite also has something...

Wargaming Headquarters in Nicosia (Cyprus)

In the very center of the Cypriot capital, not far from the Presidential Palace, not fitting into the urban architecture of Nicosia, stands a building from the future. Its design and style take the visitor to another dimension, to a parallel reality that is not peculiar to these places. Technologies, design, maintenance and even night lighting of the building are made at the highest level, both figuratively and literally, because the main feature of the building is its interior space. From a technological and aesthetic point of view, the building can be compared to the offices of companies such as Google or Apple.

At the entrance, everyone is given guest cards, and you can enter the citadel of WARGAMING. In Cyprus, apart from the banking sector, it is rare to find a security system anywhere. So, inside this modern building, an elevator or a floor can only be accessed using a map. The almost 75-meter skyscraper has an area of 8029 m2, including three underground floors. The construction of the building was successfully completed by Contracting Ltd.

The Oval in Limassol (Cyprus)

If you have ever been to the city of Limassol in Cyprus, then you probably noticed an unusual building that looks like an egg. The Oval is a landmark object of Limassol's business life. To date, the 16-storey "Oval" or "Egg" (as it is most often called) is the tallest commercial building in Limassol.

Office complex The Oval in the center of Limassol was designed by the English architectural firm Atkins. By the way, the architects of this office once worked on the project of the world-famous Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, which is also called "Sail". It should be noted that this is not the first time world-renowned designers have participated in Cypriot projects. In particular, Eleftheria - the main square of the country and one of the most famous Cypriot long-term buildings in Nicosia - also was created at the office of the Zaha Hadid architectural bureau.

The original oval shape of The Oval business center was inspired by the seascape with the round pebbles of Limassol beach and the graceful outlines of the wind-filled sea sails. While the voluminous arch of the building harmoniously reflects its proximity to the sea, the size and configuration of The Oval business center contrast expressively with the surrounding urban landscape. You don't get used to this contrast right away. Some citizens consider the "Egg" an ugly structure, others admire it. In any case, there are definitely no indifferent people. Today, beautiful offices with panoramic views of the sea and the city are located in the high-rise.

The list of offices available for sale and rent in the Oval is available at the link.

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