Home Remodeling In Cyprus: What, Where And When It Must Be Agreed

Перепланировка на Кипре: что, где и с кем необходимо согласовывать
8 April 2022 Irina Starinskaia

As you know, any changes that may affect the general design of the building or the surrounding area require prior permission.

It is necessary to notify all services, collect the necessary documents and submit an application to the competent authority. 

In Cyprus, approval for redevelopment is issued by the Municipal Council of the city or an authorized person of the district. 

Not all of us are engineers. Thus it is very difficult for most of us to understand the nuances of construction. And public services need professional research from an architect to coordinate the idea of redevelopment. 

Who can confirm the safety of redevelopment in Cyprus?

A professional designer will help you find out if it is possible to turn your plans into reality. This is a person who has the appropriate license to work with architecture. Sometimes they are also called specialists in the coordination of redevelopment for clarity. But the designer is definitely not suitable here.

The designer will prepare all the necessary studies for applying for redevelopment: sketches, technical calculations on the implementation of the project and its description. Moreover, we need a very good designer who will not make the representatives of the municipal council doubt their competence.

Alternatively, you can search for a specialist through the Citizen Service Center of your city or Τα Κέντρα Εξυπηρέτησης του Πολίτη (ΚΕΠ).

What types of alterations require approval

According to the Streets and Buildings Regulation Law, any repair work that changes the area of the premises must be reported to the relevant government agencies or even to the director of the Department of Town Planning and Housing in order to obtain permission.

Redevelopment may include the demolition or construction of additional walls, changing the purpose of the room, expanding the bathroom or bathroom, increasing or decreasing the number of rooms.

In addition, if the owner wants to make changes that, in theory, can increase the perimeter of the building, they should be approved. For example, a bulky awning on an open veranda or a homemade canopy for a balcony is not always appropriate, according to urban planners and municipalities.

Sometimes government agencies may challenge the need for redevelopment, even if it is technically feasible. Therefore, the ability of the designer to competently make an application for repairs or redevelopment is important.

What can I do without any approval?

So, all repairs and alterations affecting the construction of the building or the surrounding area should be approved by the municipal council. But even without approval, you can do something. Paint the windows and walls of the building, replace the roof covering, put new doors, repair the balcony or veranda. You can also repair the sidewalk near your house, if it slightly protrudes forward.

But remember, any unjustified bulkiness or pretentiousness can cause misinterpretations and interest of the supervisory services.

Last summer, the renovation of the city hotel made an unprecedented step in Larnaca, Cyprus. They decided to build an open-air cafe, adding several rooms and all the necessary equipment to the roof of the hotel. 

What could be the consequences due to the lack of permission

An uncoordinated redevelopment can be an unpleasant surprise when selling real estate. If 10 years ago in Cyprus they could close their eyes to minor changes in the premises, today everything is much stricter. In the main document of the owner, in the Title Deed, every detail and its area is spelled out.

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