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20 October 2020

Cyprus nightlife: clubs and bars

Cyprus (as well as any other resort island) has a large number of bars, restaurants, beach parties and, of course, nightclubs.

All "disco" parties may differ depending on the season. For example, in the summer, all nightlife is more concentrated in the resort town of Ayia Napa. There is almost no local population, and the resort comes alive only in the summer, turning into one big club, with a varied, fun and at the same time reckless atmosphere.

Unlike Ayia Napa, in Limassol nightlife is all year round. Most of the clubs are concentrated in the tourist area, as well as in the old town. Let's take a look at the top places where you can go in the evening to hang out in Cyprus.

Ayia Napa - the city of entertainment - (on the map)

Everyone who has lived on the island for a couple of years knows very well that there is no more "party" city in Cyprus than Ayia Napa. During the summer season, this city shines with neon lights, and music comes from all angles. This city never sleeps. Wherever you go here, you will definitely not be bored.

And so, one of the most popular places is the Castle club - (on the map).

Castle club is the most famous club on the street of bars in Ayia Napa. Recipient of six DJ Mag Top 100 Club Awards. The club has five separate halls, of which three are separate music arenas, a Chillout and a VIP area. The castle can accommodate up to 4,000 people at a time. Admission is free for girls.

Senior Frog's is an incredible place - (on the map)

A party place with an interesting design. One of the advantages is the absence of a dress code and free admission. Very friendly atmosphere, cool DJs and positive service staff. Recommended for everyone who is looking for movement in the spirit of Ayia Napa!

Pirates Inn is one of the best bars in Ayia Napa - (on the map)

Pirates can be heard from afar! Positive music, delicious cocktails. They provide discounts. Pirates inn attracts its visitors with interesting surroundings. It is considered one of the best bars in the city. The music, atmosphere and service are top notch.

The Square Bar (on the map)

This is the place for those who love live music! The bar is renowned for its live performances, with many praising the performing artists and the general atmosphere. Interesting alcoholic list, pleasant atmosphere, good hookahs. Here you can take a break from club music and just relax. The prices are pretty reasonable. There is an opinion that even the local Hard Rock Café is not so good that this magnificent bar!

Where can you go in Limassol?

Perhaps one of the most crowded places in Limassol can be considered Saripolou Square, which has dozens of bars, cafes and restaurants for every taste. This is a favorite vacation spot for young people, and not only

You can visit several places at once and diversify your evening.

Dance Bar - 7 Seas - (on the map)

The 7 Seas dance bar is just a short walk away. It is an elegant place to hang out with friends, to dance and enjoy a variety of cocktails. But don't forget to be dressed up. 7 Seas has a dress code - no flip flops or beachwear.

VIP-ROOM - (on the map)

VIP-ROOM is a premier nightclub located in the tourist area of ​​Limassol. The club is part of the Breeze Group and offers an exquisite conceptual venue for a good evening. You can enjoy the performance of DJs, taste delicious cocktails and have an unforgettable time. It is possible to order a vip table with a sofa for the company.

Bedroom - (on the map)

Bedroom is also part of the Breeze Group. It is a luxury beach bar. It is decorated in the style of a tropical paradise and is located in the tourist area of ​​Limassol. Its main feature is a beautiful huge pool with a stunning view. You can taste exquisite signature cocktails right on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and dance under the moonlight to great hits.

Guaba Beach Bar is a very popular place among young people (and not only) (on the map)

Guaba is ranked as the 13th best club in the world. Number 1 DJ is Martin Harris and many others have performed at this popular Limassol beach club. Every summer Guaba opens its doors to all comers and organizes the most unforgettable and grand parties. We advise you to visit this place and get a lot of impressions.

Rumors - (on the map)

Quite a popular place, located in the heart of the tourist area of ​​Limassol. Since 2000, the bar has earned a reputation as one of the finest coastal spots. Here you can meet with friends in a cozy atmosphere, taste delicious cuisine and exclusive premium drinks, relax and enjoy incredible music from invited DJs. Many residents and guests of Cyprus from all over the island flock to Rumors to attend the party and see the performance of famous DJs. The staff of the establishment is very helpful and friendly. You will be satisfied with the evening spent in this bar.

Hookah lovers can spend time on a cozy sofa in the old town, in a famous place - Hookah place (on the map).

Hookah place has a huge number of different varieties of hookah tobacco. You can also drink delicious tea or choose one of the proposed cocktails. Since the place is quite popular, we advise you to book a table in advance.

But what if the soul requires you to sing your favorite song? - No problem. There is everything in Limassol.

Feel free to go to karaoke - Sinatra in the tourist area, or Da Vinci in the old town.

Sinatra - (on the map)

Russian karaoke club Sinatra is located in the tourist area of ​​Limassol, near the sea. The club has a special karaoke room where you can sing your favorite song and give free rein to emotions. And if you want to relax after a hard day at work, you can do this on an open veranda, smoke a hookah with DJ performances, taste delicious dishes of Ukrainian and Russian cuisine.

By the way, the place is quite popular for events and celebrations. The helpful and friendly staff do their utmost to make your evening a great experience.

Da Vinci Roof Bar (on the map)

The bar is located in the heart of the old town of Limassol. Within walking distance from Saripolou Square, which we just talked about.

The place is quite popular and is famous for a variety of cocktail and wine lists, a wide selection of international dishes, sweets and hookahs. You can enjoy live performances on special days on the ground floor.

And if you want to sing, then you need to go up to the first floor to a specially equipped room and choose a song to perform from a huge catalog of English, Greek and even Russian songs.

And the very feature of the facility is that there is a huge veranda on the first floor, from where you can admire the amazing view of the old city. This is truly the perfect place for a romantic date.

What about hard rock fans? - you can go to Tepee Rock Bar or Route 66

Tepee Rock Bar - (on the map)

Tepee is quite spacious and is arguably the oldest rock bar in Limassol. It has 2 floors, a stage, a great bar. The bar is located in the center of the tourist area of ​​the city.

Here you are greeted by friendly staff, unique style, relaxed atmosphere, where you can listen to music and taste traditional Mexican dishes from an extensive menu with a glass of your favorite beer or cocktail.

The room is decorated in the style of a motorcycle club, there are even billiard tables. Famous metal bands have performed in Tepee several times. The prices are normal, there are a lot of people, the music is just great. It is especially good to spend winter evenings here, when the fireplace, which is located in the large hall, is lit. All rock music lovers should look here.

By the way, this place is quite popular among local bikers. Therefore, on the street, you can meet a huge number of different models of motorcycles.

Route 66 (on the map)

A small rock bar located in the old town, near the Mollos promenade.

If Tepee is designed for a mass audience, then Route 66 is only for “insiders”. Styled for the 80s, the music here is also designed for people who love and understand rock. Nice bar, interesting people - this place is perfect if you want to have a fun night out, meet interesting people and listen to your favorite music. It is worth visiting at least once and you won't regret it!

Where can you go in Paphos?

Of course, compared with Ayia Napa and Limassol, Paphos is not a hangout city. Rather, it is a place for a family vacation, relaxation, calm golf on the best courses of the island. However, you can find interesting places to have a good evening in Paphos.

The old town has a whole street of bars and small clubs. But out of all the variety, two establishments can be distinguished:

Flairs Bar (on the map)

Perhaps the most popular spot on Bar Street. There are always a lot of people here, both tourists and city dwellers. Quite affordable prices for alcohol, the club also serves hookahs and balloons with helium. On the embankment, and then at the entrance, you will always meet promoters who will certainly invite you to the club. If you come to Paphos and you want to dance, take a look at the Flairs bar.

Temple Bar (on the map)

Ночная жизнь на Кипре - клубы и бары.

Of all the variety of different bars, it is worth highlighting one place that is not designed for tourists, but despite this, it does not lose its popularity at all. "Temple" is located in the upper part of Paphos city, close to the court and city hall, opposite the computer club "Intertown". Mostly Cypriots gather here. Stylishly decorated interior, the establishment also has a garden where you can sit comfortably if you don't feel like sitting indoors. Great live music here. Perhaps, Temple most of all resembles good bars from big cities.

Of course, there is a fairly large selection of clubs and bars in all cities of Cyprus, and it is not possible to list them all. We tried to indicate more those that are in demand and heard by local residents and guests of the island. In general, you will not be bored. Everyone will find the very, ideal place close to their souls and hearts.

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