Limassol and its surroundings: comprehending Mouttagiaka. Part 2

Лимассол и его окрестности: постигая Муттаяку. Часть 2
16 June 2021 George Vidiakin

Last time we started our walk in Mouttagiaka and examined its tourist area (the area south of the highway) which has been actively developing and built up in the past few years, mainly thanks to foreign investments.

Today we will go over the highway, visit the historical part of the village and its outskirts.

Historical Center

As you may know, Mouttagiaka was a small Turkish Cypriot village until 1975, a little more than 300 people lived here. After the population exchange, refugees from the north of Cyprus settled here. The historic core of Mouttagiaka is located 1.5 km from the highway (we will remember this).

There is a community council in the center of the village.

Nearby there is a tavern, housed in a pretty and very atmospheric building that claims to be some kind of antiquity.

A little further to the north there is a semblance of a park with antique columns made of concrete (this park looks really shabby).

Around the center are scattered neat private houses, mostly one-story.

That's all that can be said about the historical center of the village.

There are no sights, excavations, buildings of the Venetian era. Suspiciously, there is not even a mosque left over from Ottoman times. Although, we must repeat, the population here consisted entirely of Turkish Cypriots (in many former Turkish Cypriot villages, mosques have survived, although they are abandoned). Only two Orthodox churches can arouse the interest of connoisseurs. The biggest church was built in 2011 and is dedicated to Saint Eleutherius.

A smaller temple dedicated to St. George is located in the east of the historical part of Mouttagiaka, at the very border with Germasogeia.

However, there are four reasons to choose this part of Mouttagiaka as your place of residence.

First, the peace and calmness of village life is worth a lot (although we should admit that village life is not suitable for everyone).

Second, when the windows of the house on one side overlook the hills and fields, and on the other - the sea, it helps to relieve stress, especially if you admire the view while sipping rustic wine from a glass.

Third, if you get bored with peace and quiet, you can get into the car and in five minutes be in the tourist area, walk along the embankment, dine in a restaurant or dance in a nightclub. Here we can remind you that the historic center of Mouttagiaka is located just 1.5 km from the highway.

Finally, fourth, take a look at these wooden plaques that adorn the village. How can you not love them?


Three separate residential areas arose at different times in the north, south and southeast of the historic part, they are consist of private villas. The vast majority of houses are similar to each other. They were built not to admire them, but to make it comfortable to live in.

In the northern part you can find such houses.

Now let's move south from the historical Mouttagiaka.

After driving about a kilometer, you can see the Sunrise Villas residential complex on your right.

Behind it, there will be a turn to the right and the road will go up the hill. There begins the neighborhood of Kalogiri, which Mouttagiaka divides in half with Germasogeia.

Here are the same private houses, although many plots are still vacant.

Some of the villas are quite impressive.

Here, the 5queens company promises to build just such a villa (more about the villa).

But for now, the site looks like this.

The Kalogiri neighborhood is famous for the fact that an Orthodox church is being built here for the Limassol Russian-speaking parish.

The famous Cypriot company J&P began the construction, and Depcon Constructions continues. The temple is located on the territory of Germasogeia, but Mouttagiaka includes the street along the southern border of the site, which bears the name of the Russian church leader of the Soviet era, Metropolitan Nikodim Rotov. A street in his honor appeared here several years ago on the initiative of the Russian-speaking parish.

In and around Limassol there are three streets named after figures of Russian (Soviet) history: Yuri Gagarin Street in Limassol Municipality, Maxim Gorky Street in Agios Athanasios Municipality and Nikodim Rotov Street in Mouttagiaka.

There are several other interesting buildings in Kalogiri. For example, this one. True brutalism in architecture.

This is the view from the top of the hill.

Now let's go back to the highway entrance to Mouttagiaka. Here is the Prastitis workshop, in the courtyard of which there are interesting stone figures, samples of local products.

Opposite is the Moutagiaka Ranch riding school.

Horses graze on the field behind the school, it is not fenced off, so you can get as close to the horses as possible.

Right behind the pasture, Crona Property is building the Garden Square residential area.

If we move inland along the road leading from the riding school, then we will find ourselves in the third residential area, located within the borders of Mouttagiaka.

There are also some pretty pretty houses here.

On the eastern edge of this residential area, where the asphalt road ends, there is a huge banner of the Zhong Sai Group intending to build its high-rise Villas complex here.

Unexpected find

There is such a retro car on one of the streets.

It is the Triumph Vitesse, which was produced by the British company Triumph Motor Company in the 1960s.

It is sad that the car is thrown and is slowly rotting. Prices for the same car in good condition start at € 10,000.


Life behind the highway is significantly different from life on the seashore, even if the distance from one area to another is only 1.5 km.

It makes sense to settle here for those who love solitude, beautiful views, the specifics of the Cypriot village life, unity with nature, cannot stand high-rise buildings, noisy restaurants or the obsessive neighborhood of their own compatriots. A huge plus is that you don't need to travel far for all these advantages.

Interested in housing in Mouttagiaka? Take a look at the DOM Portal. The website has the largest database of real estate in the country, both residential and commercial. Choose and contact professionals who will help you make the right choice!

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