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25 August 2023

Rest in Larnaca: Top 10 Interesting Ideas for Tourists

And while you don't need to worry too much about the tan – the wonderful beaches of Larnaca will take care of that themselves – planning your entertainment program in advance is a must to make your vacation as fulfilling as possible.

We offer you the Top 10 interesting ideas for leisure in Larnaca. Give them a try, you'll enjoy it! And perhaps you might even add a few new points to this list after you evaluate all the suggested options.

Take a stroll along Finikoudes Promenade

You should definitely start your exploration of Larnaca with its main promenade. Life here is always bustling, with street artists and musicians performing. Moreover, you can admire the sea views (after all, that's why we went on vacation, right?) and appreciate the advantages of the local beach. By the way, it's also called Finikoudes, named after the palm trees that the city authorities planted here in the 1920s to beautify this area. Finikoudes Beach is marked with the Blue Flag – a sign of cleanliness and safety. An important point – you can sunbathe for free on your own towel here, without spending money on renting a sunbed.

Play Beach Volleyball

At Finikoudes Beach, there are courts for beach volleyball tournaments, both for professional and amateur teams, for men and women, for children and adults. There are various programs for sports training. But even if you're not a volleyball enthusiast and just love spending time actively, you'll surely find like-minded people on the beach who would be happy to have you join the game. By the way, remember that tanning works best during movement.

Have a Photo Session at Europe Square

Europe Square is the heart of Finikoudes Promenade. There are several interesting monuments installed here that are worthy of a photo session. Movie buffs will likely appreciate the stone Venetian lion (though it's not meant to remind us of the legendary film festival but rather the former rule of the Venetian Republic on these shores). Those who love to show off their erudition will value the monument to the great philosopher and local native, Zeno of Kition. And for those who consider themselves citizens of the world, the fountain "Seagulls in Flight" will be appealing – a symbol of the aspiration for freedom and the absence of barriers for the power of the human spirit. And this is far from all the examples of street art decorating Europe Square, so grab your smartphone and go!

Attend a Concert at the Medieval Castle

The "Palm Promenade" concludes with a true medieval castle. Larnaca Castle was built in the 14th century. Since then, it has been rebuilt and renovated several times but still looks very picturesque. Here, you can not only look at the antique cannons and evaluate the exhibits of the Medieval Museum but also listen to symphonic music. Concerts and festivals are often held on the territory of Larnaca Castle.

Search for Treasures on the Sunken Ship

The Swedish ferry "Zenobia," which sank over 40 years ago near Larnaca Port, is the largest ship sunk in the Mediterranean Sea. If you're drawn to exploring the depths of the sea, diving instructors are at your service, ready to guide you on a real underwater excursion to the sunken ferry. There's no need to fear ghosts – during the catastrophe, the entire crew of "Zenobia" managed to escape, and there were no passengers on board. If diving is not your sport, you can observe the legendary ship through the window of an underwater submersible.

Have Fun at a Pirate Party

Like any respectable island, Cyprus served as a haven for pirates who attacked Ottoman ships. In memory of these bold seafaring raiders, "pirate" parties are very popular in Larnaca. You can find both daytime celebrations for children and nighttime outings with like-minded adults. Pirate parties take place in taverns, on beaches, and even on yachts. You can even book a ship named "Black Pearl" – though it's unknown if Captain Jack Sparrow still commands it.

Get a Tan on the "Aircraft" Beach

Mackenzie Beach in Larnaca is better known to tourists as the "aircraft beach." Here, you can not only swim, sunbathe, and enjoy cocktails in beachside cafes, but also watch airplanes flying directly overhead. Mackenzie Beach is located near the airport, so aircraft pass by every 10-15 minutes. You can take very impressive photos here or simply gaze at the sky, dream, and philosophize.

Explore the Ruins of an Ancient City

The ruins of the ancient city of Kition, mentioned in the Bible, are preserved within modern Larnaca. It remembers invasions by vanished peoples and tribes. Fragments of destroyed palaces and statues found during excavations are exhibited in the park. The Larnaca Archaeological Museum also displays ancient weapons, pottery, and ornaments. Another museum – the Dimitrios Pieridis Archaeological Museum – offers an equally interesting collection of exhibits. Here, you can see items from the daily lives of Larnaca's first inhabitants who arrived on this land 8,000 years ago.

Take a Camel Ride

The Camel Park, a verdant place not far from Larnaca, is an excellent option for family recreation. For the little ones, there are plenty of attractions, and for older kids and adults, there are camel rides through the surroundings. You can also ride donkeys, interact with kangaroos, goats, and ostriches in the mini-zoo, and even swim in the pool located on the camel farm.

Embark on a Pilgrimage to Temples

Larnaca is a city of religious shrines from both the Christian and Muslim worlds. For example, it's home to the Orthodox Church of Saint Lazarus. According to the Gospel, Jesus Christ himself resurrected Lazarus to spread the light of truth among people. Muslims will find interest in Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque, where, according to tradition, the maternal aunt of the Prophet Muhammad is buried. In a free translation from Greek, Larnaca itself means "city of sarcophagi." However, even those distant from faith will appreciate the beauty of the architecture and decor of local temples. Unusual impressions from excursions to Cypriot sanctuaries are guaranteed!

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