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27 December 2020

Diving in Cyprus

If you are tired of lying under the sun and jumping in sea waves, let's try something new and rewarding!

For example, what's about the sea diving?

The sea in Cyprus is calm almost all year. Even in winter the water temperature does not drop down below 16c. For the rest of the year it is above 20c, as much as 30c in summer. The water vision is excellent almost anytime and everywhere. All this makes diving in Cyprus a truly favorite pastime.

Anyone who wants to become that rare person who has seen the fabulous beauty of the underwater landscapes of Cyprus can easily find a diving school nearby. Surely, beginners and as well as those who chose diving as their hobby a long time ago will be welcome there.

Both newcomer and professional are able to find some different and stunning places to dive, they are usually available since March to November.

Anyway before you go into water you need to find a diving school that is more suitable to you. The Cyprus Dive Center Association (CDCA) has the contacts of many of these schools on its website, they are are located not only near the sea, but also far away fr om the coast, for example, in Nicosia.

Of course you can find a scuba set in stores, but the price for them is not cheap (about €1,500), so just for a start it's better for you to rent it. The cheapest dive will cost about €50, price usually includes all needed equipment and the scuba, transportation to the place wh ere you can dive and backward as well as the instructor assistance. Diving in interesting or very remote places, additional devices and individual dives with an instructor will cost more. But diving with large companies or booking several diving sessions at once, as well as using your own scuba set would reduce prices. In addition, diving schools can offer motor yacht driving courses, romantic night diving and even organize unique underwater adventures.

One of the oldest diving schools of Cyprus is Dive-In-Limassol, based at the Four Seasons Hotel. It offers a wide range of services from teaching children to professional training. After passing professional courses you can get the PADI certificate — the document of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Dive-In-Limassol can organize a private dive as well as a real underwater party. They also sell scuba sets and scuba spare parts, dive computers and other equipment.

Another diving school is Undersea World Scuba Diving Centre. This center offers the same services at similar prices.

A similar list of services you can find in CrestDive Center in Limassol, Viking Divers, Alpha Divers in Larnaca, Pissouri Bay Divers in Pissouri, Coral Bay Divers in Paphos, Sunfish Divers, Easy Divers, Poseidon Dive Center in Ayia-Napa, Protaras and Paralimni. Of course, this is not the complete list, so a quick googling can reveal many diving schools, which offer a wide range of services at a wide range of prices throughout the island.

Each diving school offers a number of different dive sites. Some of these sites are very popular, thus it is important to describe at least some of them in our article.

One of the most interesting spots to dive is Green Bay, near Protaras. They are also easy and suitable to beginners.

There you will see the remains of ancient amphorae underwater, numerous representatives of the marine fauna of Cyprus, and you will even be able to feed this fauna near the Fish Stone.

Next to Green Bay is Green Bay - 2.

A journey through the amazing expenses will lead to a cave which you can come in. This cave goes 18 meters deep into the cliff.

The Amphorae Caves near Paphos Airport will gift you an exciting adventure.

The seabed around these caves is full of ancient amphoras, some of them are still safe and sound. The movement of seabed layers has formed a whole system of caves that have become home to a number of marine life. One cave has a ceiling covered with amphorae's shards looking like mosaics.

Nearby Protaras is Konnos Bay Beach. It is a small beach located in a picturesque bay on the edge of Cape Greco National Forest Park.

This bay is also pretty attractive for divers who want to admire the scenery of the seabed and find a variety of marine life: moray eels, barracudas, starfish, turtles, flute fish and many other creatures. The place is convenient for both beginners and experienced divers.

One of the most popular diving spots in the Limassol area is a small cruise ship called Lady Thetis, deliberately sunk at a depth of 18 meters.

It is not difficult to get to the ship. It's easy to dive forward to the ship. Various marine creatures can be found around the ship. And last but not least, Lady Thetis looks great in photos.

Another interesting place to dive is the small fishing boat Alexandria, which sank in 2006 near Larnaca.

This dive place is notable for the fact that the island of Alexandria has become a home to numerous marine creatures. As the vessel is very small, it's possible to 'inspect' it in detail at once. However, this adventure will only be capable of experienced divers, as the ship sank in relatively deep waters.

Finally, for the most skilled divers Cyprus can offer the MS Zenobia ferry wreck.

Sunken on its very first trip near Larnaca harbor, Zenobia now attracts amateurs throughout Cyprus, as well as enthusiasts from all over the world. Carrying a wide range of cargoes from military equipment and cars to telecommunications systems and chicken eggs, this 172-meter Titanic of the Mediterranean rests at a relatively shallow depth and is considered one of the ten most interesting diving sites in the world. A simple dive to this majestic wreck can be undertaken by a beginner, more experienced divers can enter the upper car deck, and professional divers, the real brave men can descend to the lower decks and the engine room.

Of course, the list is just a drop in the bucket of famous sites to dive in Cyprus. You can also find new, unusual, your own points. For example, in 2019, divers found an ancient Roman trireme at the bottom near Larnaca. And no one knows which treasures rest on the seabed and wait for someone to discover them.

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