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9 June 2021

Cyprus Larnaca Beaches

Larnaca's beaches are sandy with some pebbles. Their distinctive features are gently enter into the water, gentle waves and the warmest water on the entire coast of Cyprus.

Larnaca beaches are convenient for those who want to be closer to the city, but at the same time regularly sunbathe and swim in the sea. Almost the entire coastline means a comfortable and safe holiday with children.

Another interesting feature of the Larnaca coastline is the abundance of fishing villages, harbors and marinas. This means that after a beach relaxation, you can go to the tavern and taste the freshest and most delicious seafood! Or go fishing.

Beaches of Larnaca city

The northern part of the city has no beaches you can use. There is an industrial zone, gas stations and cargo ports. But the central and southern parts have an abundance of equipped beaches.

Finikoudes beach

The beach is part of the promenade of the same name in Larnaca. The name of the coast was given by date palms, which grow here in abundance. The embankment is well-equipped.

In general, the beach has everything you need for a comfortable relaxation: rent of umbrellas and sun loungers, free toilets and showers, changing cabins, fountains with drinking water, watersport (catamarans, banana rides, and so on). Lifeguards are on duty at the towers during the season.

Pros of Finikoudes beach:

  1. easy access - the beach can be reached by bus or on foot from the center areas of Larnaca,
  2. there are free parking lots nearby,
  3. cleanness of sand and water, as the beach is looked after,
  4. an abundance of beach activities, bars and cafes.

The disadvantage is a a lot of visitors, especially during the peak season. If you want privacy, then it is better to look for a quieter beach.

Kastella Beach

The beach is located in a picturesque place near the bay with a harbor for yachts. It has been marked with the Blue Flag for several years. This means that it is very clean, safe and comfortable for absolutely all guests.

The beach is equipped in accordance with all the rules: there are changing cabins, toilets and showers, equipment rental. There are water activities on the shore, and a little further you can have a delicious lunch with fish meze or other seafood. Τhere is a fishing harbor nearby!

The beach is not very long, it's only 600 m, but the sandy strip is very wide. Even in high season, you can find a place here.

Advantages of Castella beach:

  1. undoubted purity and beautiful views,
  2. ideal for bathing of small children - the sea is calm and shallow,
  3. can be reached by bus (bus stop is nearby) or by car (there is parking).

Some guests consider the too gently enter into the water a disadvantage. To swim, you need to walk tens of meters.

Mackenzie Beach

It is a large and spacious beach in a developing and modern neighborhood of Larnaca. It is a pleasure to rest here! You can calmly sunbathe in the sun (morning and afternoon), or you can hang out here (evening and night).

Needless to say, it has all the necessary equipment. In addition, lifeguards are on duty during the season, and there is a whole line of bars, eateries, restaurants and clubs nearby.

You can also ride a boat, banana and other "vessels", go in for water sports, including extreme ones, or go fishing. Yes, mullet, sea bass and even octopus are caught here!

Finally, Mackenzie Beach is considered a cool place for photos and selfies: there is an airport nearby and planes landing here look very cool.

Pros of Mackenzie Beach:

  1. excellent infrastructure and an abundance of entertainment facilities,
  2. cleanliness and spaciousness,
  3. not far away is the Salt Lake, after wisiting the lake, it is just a good idea to walk to the beach and plunge into the sea,
  4. there is access to water for people with special needs,
  5. you can relax with children.

It is important to note that in the evening the beach turns into a place for noisy young people to walk, which may not please families with children or elderly people.

Spyros beach + dog beach

This beach is missed in most reviews. In vain! This is almost the only wild beach in the city. It would seem like why should you go to a wild beach when there are three equipped clean sandy ones nearby?

First, Spyros is a continuation of the so-called "dog beach". In Cyprus, the law does not allow dogs to swim where people swim. Perhaps this is fair. But if the owner really wants to frolic in the water with their dog? Then you need to go to Spyros.

In addition, not far from the dog beach there is a place where people can swim. Yes, it is not possible to rent equipment here, but… therefore, even in the high season, there is always a lot of space on the beach!

Advantages of Spyros beach:

  1. peace and quiet even in the summer season,
  2. spacious and pleasant place: you can play sports games on the seashore,
  3. dogs are allowed to swim here.

As any wild beach, it has disadvantages. People who value cleanliness will not like it: you can find an empty bottle or candy wrappers. And yes… it is customary to clean up after your dogs defecate in Cyprus.

Larnaca district beaches

Almost every village in the Larnaca district has their own beach. Some of them are well equipped, while others look more wild. Both types have their pros and cons. It is pleasant to rest in comfort on the ennobled coast, but on the wild one there are always few people and there is plenty of space.

Faros Beach

Some include this beach among the urban ones: it is conveniently located and it is not difficult to get to it. You can get there by bus, or by car or bike. Fortunately, there are bike paths and parking.

The beach is located in a pleasant place: it is a small Kiti peninsula, on the shore of which there is light and soft sand, and a little further - there are palm trees and greenery. There are beach equipment rentals, changing rooms, showers and toilets. In other words, everything for a comfortable stay.

You can rent an umbrella or sun lounger, or have fun swimming in the sea. However, even simple sunbathing in this beautiful place will bring many benefits and pleasure. Children feel comfortable on this beach: the entry into the water is gentle, the waves are weak, and there is a children's playground.

Pros of Pharos beach:

  1. convenience, comfort and safety - lifeguards are on duty,
  2. ideal for family holidays,
  3. scenic view: harbor, greenery, cape, lighthouse,
  4. you can go fishing
  5. there are several taverns nearby that cook delicious fish.

The distance from the city is one of the controversial points. To get here on foot, you need to live in a hotel nearby or spend a lot of time. Also during the season there are quite a lot of people here.

Costa Rica Beach

There is another beach on the same Kiti Peninsula, but few people know about it. It bears the name Costa Rica, it is a modest and generally wild beach.

Tourists rarely come here. The beach is not equipped, although it has a wide coastline and pleasant sand. Mostly locals come here and those who want to relax away from the crowds of people.

Pros of Costa Rica beach in Larnaca:

  1. silence and solitude,
  2. small size, comfort and privacy,
  3. there can be high waves - for those who like to surf.

The disadvantages include the lack of any civilization and amenities, as well as the proximity of fishermen who go out to sea on boats just from this beach.

Careta Beach

Not to be confused with Caretta Beach located in North Cyprus and home to the rare Caretta turtles. This small Careta beach is located one the Kiti peninsula.

Careta is a favorite place for fans of kitesurfing. The beach is ideal for such sports as it is open and flat, which means there is a lot of wind.

However, it is well equipped with sun loungers or parasols, and refreshing drinks at the bar. In general, the beach is good for sports or relaxation - there are not always a lot of people here.

Advantages of Сareta Beach:

  1. comfortable to relax and sunbathe,
  2. you can go kitesurfing and other water sports,
  3. pleasant enter into the water, soft sand.

Disadvantages include poor accessibility. It can only be reached by car.

Softades Beach

This beach is a continuation of the Careta. Here, too, fearless kite surfers conquer the sea waves. Here is their site. The difference between this beach and many others in Larnaca is the pebbles. For athletes it is extremely convenient, for vacationers - usually not.

Pros of Softades beach:

  1. the opportunity to plunge into the world of kitesurfing,
  2. pebbles for those who don't like sand,
  3. you can see the beautiful sunset here - such a luxury is not available on most Larnaca beaches.

The indisputable disadvantage is that there is no normal equipment for family recreation. And to get there you can only by your own car.

Mazotos Beach

Located near the village of the same name. There, by the way, is a camel park! It is interesting to visit for both children and adults.

A little about the beach: the cover is pebble, but the enter into the water is sandy. Do not be intimidated by the dark shade of the sand. This is not mud, but a dark volcanic rock, which is not uncommon for Larnaca. The enter is quite gentle, suitable for children and cautious adults.

On the beach there is a rental office for sun loungers and umbrellas, a couple of restaurants. In general, this is a fairly calm place with not the most developed beach infrastructure. However, this is a great advantage for lovers of calmness and lack of people.

A few more pluses of the beach:

  1. easily accessible by walk from the nearest villages,
  2. cleanliness and a pleasant view around,
  3. ideal for family and children.

Perhaps there is only one minus - insufficient comfort in some aspects. And algae is often washed ashore, thus the beach may not look very presentable.

Yanathes Beach

A large and popular eco beach located in the suburbs of Larnaca - in Oroklini and Pyla. You can get here by bus, bicycle or car, as you like. The main thing is that there is a bus stop and a parking lot.

The sand is dark (due to its volcanic origin) and very clean. However, the sea is not inferior in purity! Water here is transparent and calm. The enter into the water is gentle, strong waves are usually not observed. This is ideal for families with young children.

Yanathes is also popular with divers. Here you can dive deeper and observe the reefs with their bizarre inhabitants. Ideal for beginners and experienced divers!

Finally, Yanathes is well-equipped, there are rental points, restrooms, cafes and bars, and lifeguards are on duty during the season.

The indisputable advantages of the Yanathes beach:

  1. spacious and beautiful place,
  2. excellent service, high comfort,
  3. easy to get there by any transport,
  4. watersports - lot's of water activities.

It is even difficult to imagine that such a beach has some disadvantages. If you really want to find them, you can note the crowded season and remoteness from the center of Larnaca.

Zygi Public Beach

Nice and sweet place in every sense. This sandy beach is located in the small but famous fishing village of Zigi, famous for its delicious fish dishes. Yes, any tavern will serve you amazingly fresh fish or seafood!

The beach is located in a picturesque place. Nearby is a small and very pretty fishing harbor, there is dense greenery around, the sea is clean and transparent (only if there has been no storm recently).

It has all the equipment you need and it can be reached by walking if you are staying in Sigi. Visitors can get to this place by car or bus.

Pros of Zigi Beach:

  1. cleanliness and comfort, achieved due to the intimacy of the beach,
  2. pleasant bright sand, gentle descent into the water,
  3. beautiful views,
  4. convenience of rest: there are changing cabins, showers and equipment rental points.

Someone will consider the proximity of the harbor a disadvantage. But it is so small that it is difficult to attribute it to bad moments!

Dhekelia beach

The longest beach in the Larnaca area is located near the British base. It is really very spacious, so even in the high season it is easy to find a place here: either by the water or far from the coast.

The beach is comfortable, it is comfortable to relax here in any variation. The beach is sandy with pebbles, There is a gentle enter into the water, but there you don't need to go far from the beach to dive. Ideal for calm and measured swimming, as well as for children to play, of course.

An indisputable plus of Dhekelia is the abundance of sports grounds. Tennis, volleyball, mini-football and other games are played here. If you wish, you can join or assemble your own team. Another option is classic water activities, from "banana" to something extreme.

Pros of Dhekelia beach:

  1. a lot of free space even in the high season,
  2. a complete set of beach equipment,
  3. bars and restaurants, developed nightlife nearby,
  4. the opportunity to relax in a variety of ways: calm or sporty.

The disadvantages include the proximity of the road.

If you like beach holidays, it is best to rent a house nearby. Contact the DOM Larnaca office on +357 24030062, or come to the address: Gregoriou Afxentiou 7, Larnaca, 6023, Cyprus. Here you will always be provided with competent advice and help with renting or buying and selling your home.

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