Ingenious ideas for space under stairs in Cyprus: how to decorate it in cozy, functional and beautiful way?

Место под лестницей: как уютно, функционально и красиво оформить пространство под ступеньками в доме на Кипре?
21 December 2022 Vlad Yazykov

The space under the stairs, because of Harry Potter, is now firmly associated with the living area for an unloved family member.

But this is only a stereotype.

Most often, if a house has several floors, the area under the stairs is not used. This is fundamentally wrong. In interior design, the word "emptiness" is not accepted. There is air and space, the ability to focus on the absence of details or fill the place with interesting functionality. The design of the area under the stairs should be taken as seriously as the design of the rooms. If there is the right arrangement of space, you can get several useful squares.

Storage closet

The very first thing that comes to mind is the arrangement of the pantry. A place to store all the things you don't use is always needed. Such things appear in the house, regardless of the wealth of its inhabitants.


The space under the stairs is used to contain things. The convenience and practicality of the zone depends on the size of the area and the purpose. The built-in system with sliding shelves and bars will become a capacious wardrobe. You can store clothes and shoes in the closet until the next season.

At the same time, it is important not to turn the place under the stairs into a warehouse of carelessly arranged bicycles, strollers, scooters, skateboards, roller skates and ski poles. It may be convenient, but not at all aesthetically pleasing.

Modern storage space

Essentially the same but organized wisely. Designers offer two ways to equip a place to store items: closed (embedded) and open systems.

The built-in system with sliding shelves and bars can become a capacious wardrobe. You can store clothes and shoes in the closet until the next season.

Such modern storage systems under the stairs are not only practical, but also aesthetically pleasing. What and how is put there - no one can see and it does not affect the interior design of the hallway, corridor, rooms. It can be a spacious dressing room or an additional pantry for preparations for the winter. Or a laconic wall chest of drawers with drawers of different sizes and purposes. And even a wardrobe with mirrored facades.

An open storage method involves racks and shelves on which you can place anything you want with the help of soft organizers or a variety of drawers and boxes. If the space under the stairs is constantly in sight and needs to be entered into the interior, the shelves can be occupied by a collection of plates brought from travels around the world.

An open storage system is the most inexpensive. Using standard shelf profiles and inexpensive storage containers, you can set up space under the stairs quickly and inexpensively.

Lounge area

One of the most popular uses for space under stairs is a small chillout space. Depending on the location and available space, this may be a tiny place. Psychologists say that in such a shelter it gives the feeling of security and allows you to completely relax, be alone with yourself.

If the footage allows, you can build a bed on the podium and get an extra bed, which will be happy to be occupied not only by household members, but also by guests. Harry Potter was glad to hide in this from the toxic Dursleys.


Under the stairs, you can create a place for your work. This is especially true in our time, when remote work becomes more popular.

The desk can be placed both classic and with a retractable table top. For a computer and lamps, in advance, before the start of finishing work, you need to wire a room for electricity, and choose a desk chair. Above the table should be shelves. Nothing complicated, but it will be comfortable. If the area under the stairs is very small, you can put bookshelves and call the area a library.

Hallway under the stairs

It is very convenient to use the space under the stairs as part of the hallway. Storage space can be in the upper high part of the stairs - in a closet with a mirrored door, or you can use the entire staircase - high cabinets for outerwear, low cabinets for shoes. It is not necessary to hide all outerwear in closets. Under the stairs, you can easily put an open hanger for clothes and place shelves for shoes.

Kitchen under the stairs

Why not? Especially when it comes to a studio apartment or a small villa, townhouse or duplex. In general, wherever you need to save space. The kitchen under the stairs is not always the prerogative of small houses, even in a large house the space under the stairs can be used as an area for food storage or as a wine bar.

However, it is worth remembering that the kitchen needs wires, so such a layout is planned at the construction stage. As for the furniture in the kitchen, the general rule is this: no matter how small the kitchen is, don't put kitchen worktops and dining tables under the stairs. It is very convenient to equip kitchen cabinets and built-in appliances under the stairs instead.

Toilet, bathroom, mini-laundry

The task of placing a small toilet or bathroom under the stairs is not as exotic as it seems at first glance.

Another quite logical and often used solution is to place a washing machine under the stairs. Here you can also place an ironing board or steamer.

Game room

Often this corner is equipped for children. They love small secret rooms. You can install a house under the march, and the space next to the stairs will become a play area. The free area will be converted for storage of toys with shelves and drawers. A carpet is placed on the floor.

Garden under the stairs

Add lighting, put the appropriate indoor flowers - and you no longer have a dark, dull corner under the stairs, but an almost living oasis in your own home.

Option for a busy person: Buy a piece of artificial turf, lay out simple geometric shapes with gravel, add potted flowers or artificial flowers. Cute attributes in such a mini-garden will create a cozy magical atmosphere.

If you are a fan of indoor plants, there is a chance to realize your dreams: glaze the space under the stairs, so you can create the right microclimate and use it as an amazing winter garden. The same approach can be applied to the arrangement of a terrarium or a large aquarium under the stairs. In any case, it will be a fantastically beautiful solution.

In order to surprise everyone with its beauty, you can do without glazing by placing a small murmuring home fountain under the stairs. They say, according to Feng Shui, with such an amazing arrangement of the darkest corners of your home, you simply have to become happy!

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