Object of desire in Cyprus: apartments with gorgeous sea view

Объект желания на Кипре: апартаменты с шикарным видом на море
7 December 2022 Vladimir Melnik

The feature such as 'seafront' in the context of urban development in Cyprus is popular among both locals and those who are just about to move here.

A long coastline, beautiful sea and blue flag beaches, combined with a rich history and culture, make Cyprus attractive for a romantic getaway and permanent residence. Most construction companies show professional interest in coastal areas. Here high-rise buildings of unique architecture with first-class apartments are being built, from the windows of which you can watch the azure Mediterranean Sea.

In the process of getting acquainted with the layouts of buildings, it is obvious that the architects are trying to place each apartment on a floor with windows facing different sides. The purpose of this orientation is to maintain a light balance useful for life throughout the day.

This fully complies with the main criteria for the construction of sea apartments - a large amount of light and air in all rooms. It should be noted that the decisive role in the design of apartments belongs not to the total area, but to the functionality and logic of the layout. The ability to use every square meter and the absence of problem areas facilitates the work of the designer, ensures comfortable living and the safety of personal space.

Living rooms close to a square shape, well-planned storage spaces, the absence of long and narrow corridors testify to the high quality and rationality of the architecture of the object. The choice of future owners is offered various options for placing kitchens: in separate rooms or integrated into living rooms. At the same time, each of them is spacious and fully complies with its functional requirements.

The world's best designers are involved in creating the interiors of luxury Cypriot apartments.

The trend is refined and, at the same time, calm creative solutions in the spirit of minimalism, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. The color palette of the interior decoration tends to light natural shades. Sufficient penetration of natural light is guaranteed through the installation of panoramic windows and silent sliding doors.

Innovative designs of such structures are hermetic connections of double-glazed windows in the absence of frames for the entire height of the premises. On the floors of the bedrooms, natural wood parquet prevails. Kitchen furniture facades are made of high-quality laminated plastic, floor ceramics and work surfaces are designed in a single color scheme.

The design of bathrooms is also not distinguished by pretentiousness and multicolor. Marble floors and walls, large shower spaces and brand name fixtures create an atmosphere of sophistication and comfort. Combining all creative ideas together, developers offer future owners ready-to-live-in apartments that meet the highest requirements.

The coronavirus pandemic gave rise to the idea of a home as a refuge and shifted the focus in its arrangement.

Instead of sophisticated design solutions, more and more attention is paid to functional equipment and guaranteed reliable engineering networks. The "smart home" system is becoming an indispensable attribute of modern apartments. Close attention is paid to equipping kitchens with high-quality appliances from leading world manufacturers.

Hidden air conditioners and underfloor heating create climate balance and comfort in the rooms. Carefully designed ceilings with hidden lighting are relevant. Small lamps give way to larger, but not massive, with a predominance of strict geometric shapes. Builders and designers approach each system of technological support of apartments very scrupulously, using the principle of combining advanced technologies and exceptional quality of urban construction.

It is impossible to imagine a premium property in Cyprus without a spacious outdoor area, which offers a picturesque sea panorama.

Looking into the distance from a balcony or terrace, you can forget about the existence of the main territory of the apartment. At the same time, a transparent protective fence creates the effect of a harmonious unity of natural and domestic spaces. The outer area of the apartment can serve as a place for storage, however, having shown a creative approach, it is easy to organize a wonderful recreation area here.

First-class residential complexes, by definition, surround public pleasure areas accessible only to their residents.

There are swimming pools and tennis courts, saunas and spas, as well as shady cafes and playgrounds. The owners of the apartments have gyms and personal parking spaces, 24-hour security and concierge service. And the most remarkable - just across the road is a clean sandy beach and a beautiful warm sea!

Taking into account the demand and stable price growth of Cypriot real estate, owning a premium class apartment seems to be a profitable and promising investment. However, the motives for buying are not only cold calculation and the hanging of the quality of life. Sea-front real estate is also purchased for the sake of unforgettable emotions and unique sea views.

Interested in housing in Cyprus? Check the DOM Real Estate portal! The agency's website contains the largest real estate database in the country - more than 30 thousand residential and commercial properties throughout the island! Here you will find information about the latest development projects. Choose and contact professional boxers who will help you make the right choice!

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