How to arrange furniture in small apartment in Cyprus

Как расположить мебель для оптимизации пространства в маленькой квартире на Кипре?
9 September 2022 Vladimir Melnik

Rule number one in the modern approach to small apartments is nothing superfluous.

Small-sized housing teaches owners to be careful about things that can steal very limited space. Perhaps you also should reconsider your opinion about tons of your belongings.

Having set the task of turning modest square meters into comfortable and beautiful apartments, many questions have to be answered, including the following: How to furnish living space?

The main principle of the optimal arrangement of furniture: at least 50% of the area of ​​the room should be free.

At the same time, it is important to leave as much space as possible in the center of the rooms and not forget about the priority directions of movement. Wall shelves should be used as more as possible, from floor to ceiling. Depending on the height and shape of the room, one of the three main schemes for arranging furniture is selected.

Asymmetric is used if the room needs to be divided into functional areas: rest, work, meeting friends.

This scheme is used primarily for one-room apartments. Zone boundaries can be marked with flooring, low shelving, plants and other decorative elements.

The symmetrical scheme is most suitable for a square room.

The arrangement should be as follows: a pair of identical objects are at an equal distance from the centerline of the room or the central object. For example, decorative vases or armchairs on the sides of the sofa, cabinets near the bed in the bedroom, music speakers on both sides of the chest of drawers.

A carpet or table of any shape serves as a center for a circular layout.

First of all, they resort to it in order to arrange a comfortable recreation area. The set and style of furniture around the perimeter may be different. However, this arrangement is not ideal for small rooms.

In small apartments it is better to use multifunctional transformable furniture.

The bed turns into a sofa in the morning, a coffee table into a dining table, there are ottomans with a useful internal volume and many other interesting options. The most important thing is that the "transformers" are easily and accessible.

Another good idea for arranging a small room is furniture with legs.

Leaving the floor open, such items visually increase the space. Under the window, you can put a compact multi-seat or several single seats. This technique is justified for premises of various purposes.

A large mirror on the wall is a great way to enhance the perception of space.

Then a small room seems brighter and more open. To achieve maximum effect, if possible, a mirror or a mirrored closet is placed opposite the window.

Organizing a storage area requires thinking vertically. Different-height wall shelf set or the "floor-to-ceiling" sets do not "steal" a lot of space, but allow you to store a lot of useful things.

Space-saving furniture is the right choice for small apartments.

They often have corner sofas or chaise lounge sofas. They provide comfort and take up little space. A massive sofa can be replaced by a canape for two; if necessary, it can “travel” to different rooms. Bulky chairs are very comfortable, but "eat up" the space. We recommend giving preference to models without armrests. The round table on graceful legs will create a coziness and provide a maximum of seats.

It is frivolous to leave the walls “bare” in small housing.

Installing narrow shelves or hanging shelving is a great way to organize storage space for books, photos, and other interesting items. In order to illusory increase space, the shelves are painted in a dark color. For mood, you can place a panel or a set of several framed photos on the wall. In this case, you should follow the rule: the image or composition should not pass from one wall to another through the corner, otherwise the space will be artificially compressed.

Lighting is the most important element of decor and functionality of any apartment.

In small rooms it is better to use diffused light, but low massive chandeliers and voluminous floor lamps should not be used. A vertical light and swing arm wall sconces are smart choices. They can be used to read or highlight the desired area. Light sources cut into the ceiling along the wall or along the perimeter will make the room visually larger and more attractive.

One of the design trends of 2022 is warm minimalism, which is being implemented very successfully on the sunny island of Cyprus.

Style combines functionality and practicality. The simplicity of the interior and a comfortable feeling arise when using light pastel shades that visually increase the volume. With warm tones, if desired, a bright accent can be applied to the walls. The color of the required set of furniture can be close to the decoration of the room, or darker, contrasting.

White box style plus panoramic windows is a popular combination in the interiors of modern Cypriot real estate.

This solution allows you to admire the surrounding views and blurs the boundaries between housing and nature. Windows provide a "white-walled" room with a lot of light and expand it visually.

Obviously, following the recommendations of experts, a small apartment can be made comfortable and stylish.

With the optimal combination of furniture, light and color, the room will no longer seem cramped and unsuitable for life. And, finally, the highest result of the efforts made - the dwelling protects and pleases its owners!

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