SOHO Resort Wins European Property Awards

Проект SOHO Resort удостоился престижной премии European Property Awards
6 January 2022 Liza Medvetskaya

The SOHO Resort project got the prestigious European Property Awards.

The elite complex, which is being built 100 meters from the sea in Paphos, won in two categories: the best mixed-use complex in Cyprus in 2021-2022 and the best apartment/condominium in Cyprus 2021-2022.

This award is an honorable addition to our extensive portfolio of awards that Korantina Homes has won for its long activity in the field of real estate, - said the developer.

The complex of two 15- and 16-story buildings is located near the SODAP beach.

The West Tower will have 50 luxury apartments, and the East Tower will have 68 apartments. High-rise with an elegant, unique silhouette will stand out against the background of other buildings, while not disturbing the landscape, but rather bringing futuristic notes. Non-standard, progressive design of the Soho Resort will break out of the classic design principles.

Each element of the complex is designed in such a way as not to limit the amazing look. The innovative use of glass will provide a feeling of unique Cypriot light and sea breeze, making every square meter of this ambitious project attractive and outstanding. In addition, the apartments have full finishing, underfloor heating and a smart home system.

Towers of the Soho Resort will differ not only in the number of floors, but also in the level of service offered.

The complex will provide: concierge service, 24-hour security, parking. The project will also boast an extensive infrastructure, which will occupy a total of more than 46 thousand m2. The spaces intended for general use are designed taking into account the comfort of residents and visitors. They will certainly impress and provide enough space to relax, socialize and enjoy the view. Restaurants, cafes and cocktail bars will appear on the territory, as well as a swimming pool, fitness center, spa, tennis court, workplaces, entertainment venues and an outdoor park.

The deadline for the completion of the object is scheduled for 2022, which means that now is the time to think about buying an apartment in this project.

More details and a list of all available properties for sale and rent in the complex Soho Resort Paphos

Проект SOHO Resort удостоился престижной премии European Property Awards

The European Property Awards have been annually celebrating the most significant residential and commercial properties around the world for more than 25 years. Developers and real estate agencies are also awarded.

The competition program has been implemented worldwide since 1993, covers more than 45 categories of residential and commercial real estate and is grouped into 6 regions: America, Europe, Great Britain, Asia, Africa and the Far East. The award of the competition is given to projects, companies and specialists in the field of commercial and residential real estate for the brightest and highest professional achievements.

The projects for the competition are evaluated by an independent jury consisting of more than 80 international judges who are experts in the field of real estate.

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