Reconstruction Of Municipal Art Gallery Begins In Limassol

В Лимассоле началась реконструкция Муниципальной художественной галереи
13 January 2022 Liza Medvetskaya

The reconstruction of one of the oldest buildings in the city, the Municipal Art Gallery, has begun in Limassol.

According to the announcement of the municipality, the work will take place in two stages. At the first, which will last until May 2023, the facade of the building will be modernized, at the second, which will begin at the end of 2022, the interior will be repaired.

In total, everything will take about 2 years. The renovated Municipal Art Gallery is scheduled to open to visitors by the end of 2023.

The project budget is estimated at 700 thousand euros.

As you may know, the Municipal Art Gallery is a place where the works of the brightest representatives of classical and modern fine Cypriot art are collected, as well as several Greek and other foreign masters who have contributed to the development of artistic culture in Cyprus.

Until the mid-1980s, the gallery building had the status of a private house belonging to the family of Ypatias Zinonos-Pavlidi.

This house is not quite usual for Cyprus: it has unusual architectural style in the spirit of European modernism, introduced from Germany (the Bauhaus movement). The fact is that the author of this project was the German architect Benjamin Ginzburg, who embodied it in 1938. By the way, the same architect is the author of the project of the famous Limassol Rialto Theater, built in 1932.

On January 30, 1984, the Zinonos-Pavlidi family donated the building to the municipality of the city for the future Gallery. On June 26, 1988, the then Mayor Antonis D. Hadjipavlou held the opening ceremony of the gallery. After 8 years, the municipality decided on the need to expand and build additional premises. The grand opening of the new building (extension) took place in 1996.

The gallery's collection includes about 600 exhibits. Among them: paintings and graphics, sculpture and installations, ceramics and other works of applied art. The works of the masters of the so-called "old school", as well as new art and names - all this can be seen today in the halls of the Gallery. The collection highlights and covers both the old naturalistic and realistic trends (characteristic of European art in the second half of the XIX century), as well as modern works that reveal the creators' views on art and its role in the life of modern society as a whole.

The Limassol Gallery presents one of the largest and most valuable art collections of Cypriot contemporary art. It exhibits works by such artists as Adamantios Korais, Michael Kashalos, Tilemachos Kanthos, Christoforos Savva, Victor Ioannidis, Loukia Nikolaidou, Takis Frangoudis, Vasilis Vryonides, Nikos Nikolaidis, John Corpidge, Andreas Ladommatos, Stass Paraskos, Stella Michaelidou, Andros Efstathiou, Spyros Dimitriadis.

On the second floor, the halls are given over to the magnificent collection of Marios Vasiliadis, and on the lower, basement floor there is an exposition entirely dedicated to the ideas and events of the national liberation struggle of the people of Cyprus. All the exhibits in this part of the exposition belong to the Council of Historical Memory.

According to the Mayor of Limassol Nikos Nikolaides, after the renovation, the collection of Andreas Efesopoulos entitled "Amathus – Old Limassol" will also be presented in the Municipal Gallery.

В Лимассоле началась реконструкция Муниципальной художественной галереи

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