Kykkos Monastery Wants to Divide Their Huge Plot in Nicosia

Киккский монастырь попросил разрешения разделить огромный участок земли в Никосии
12 May 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

Kykkos Monastery submitted on Tuesday, May 11 an application to the Cyprus Department of Environment with a request to divide the land in their possession into 8 equal parts for subsequent development.

They want to divide the land located in Engomi, Nicosia.

After obtaining the appropriate permits, a large project is expected to be implemented on the divided plots.

Киккский монастырь попросил разрешения разделить огромный участок земли в Никосии

The area of ​​the plot to be divided is 331,450 m2, it has access to the roads.

It should be noted that 97% of the site belongs to the category of the urban zone Special Area EP3, another 3% can be used for public and urban needs.

According to the Land Registry, the value of the land of the Kykkos Monastery was estimated at €168.8 million in 2018, while in 2013 it exceeded €216 million.

The Cyprus Department of Environment has requested a complete MEEP study from the Kykkos Monastery in accordance with the provisions of Article 26, which deals with the following points:

  1. Characteristics of the project. The project involves dividing the site in the Engomi area into eight parts. As a result of the separation, they will be used for residential, commercial and tourist development. The division of sites is aimed at changing land use, which can cause certain consequences (compaction of buildings, use of natural resources, degradation of soil and water bodies, production of gaseous pollutants, reduction of biodiversity, etc.). Therefore, it is necessary to assess the potential impact on the environment.
  2. Location of the project. The plot is located in the municipality of Engomi and is adjacent to Griva Digeni Avenue, Agiou Prokopiou Street, Makedonias Avenue, as well as Kravidioti and Avramidi streets. According to the project, access to the territory will be carried out from all four roads. Thus, a new project can create additional stress during the construction and subsequent operation of buildings.
  3. Type and characteristics of possible side effects. It is expected that the division of the plots belonging to the monastery will lead to large development in the area. Large areas of green space and thousands of trees will be cut down and replaced by high-rises. It is worth noting that the site is now home to an olive grove, which is considered the second largest in the western part of Nicosia.

Another parameter that should be paid special attention to is the potential for temperature rises due to new properties. The fact that large-scale development will take place in the city center may lead to a deterioration of the microclimate in the area.

Finally, there is a complex hydrographic system, which consists of registered channels and unregistered large watercourses, ranging from 1 to 2 km. According to the department for monitoring water bodies in the area, a full hydrological / flood control survey should be carried out prior to project licensing. In preparing the above study, all points should be taken into account and analyzed, including those related to the construction of buildings based on existing urban areas.

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