Unique Theme Park Project Sent for Revision in Cyprus

Проект уникального тематического парка Кипра отправлен на доработку
22 September 2021 DOM LiVE

The Department of Environment launched the project of the first theme park dedicated to the local traditions of Cyprus, recently applied for by Decosta Labs Ltd.

According to the release, the park should be implemented in the northeast of Limassol, within the administrative boundaries of the villages of Prastio and Kellaki. For these purposes, the company acquired several plots of land, the total area of ​​which is 25,565 m2.

The project is a large complex, which includes:

  • a distillery with an area of ​​61 m2,
  • olive mill with an area of ​​153 m2,
  • cheese dairy with an area of ​​85 m2,
  • winery with an area of ​​161 m2,
  • an organic food store with an area of ​​85 m2,
  • cafeteria with an area of ​​82 m2,
  • restaurant with an area of ​​321 m2,
  • amphitheater with an area of ​​400 m2,
  • underground biological wastewater treatment plant with an area of ​​18 m2,
  • a maintenance workshop for mechanical equipment with an area of ​​126 m2,
  • parking area of ​​about 5800 m2.

As it turns out, the proposed development plots fall under the protection zone Z1 and are located about 200 meters from the protected area of ​​the Natura 2000 network - the Special Conservation Zone of Limassol Forest (CY5000001). In addition, for the needs of the proposed project, the cutting of trees and the removal of low wild vegetation is expected.

According to the department, the new park will have a significant impact on the landscape of the area due to the slopes and constant changes in land use, which is now mainly occupied by pine vegetation, as well as fauna to be moved. In addition, negative impacts are expected from noise, dust, lighting, increased traffic and increased amounts of liquid and solid waste.

Проект уникального тематического парка Кипра отправлен на доработку

Based on the foregoing, the Department of the Environment has concluded that in order to further advance the request, the developer must submit a MEEP in accordance with Article 24 (4) (a) of the Environmental Impact Assessment of certain draft laws, which, inter alia, must include the following points:

  • Depending on the size and location of the project, it is necessary to draw up a fire safety plan to deal with potential fires and an action plan, which must be approved by the Forestry Department.
  • An assessment should be made of whether soil compaction and erosion from tree felling and soil degradation will affect the surrounding area and in particular existing water wells.
  • Make accurate counts (species and quantity of each species) and, if possible, map flora, fauna and habitat within the proposed building sites. This chapter should highlight the impact of the project on the biodiversity of the area (flora, fauna, habitat, forest and woody vegetation).
  • Assess the traffic load on the road network from the construction and operation of the proposed project and its ancillary services.
  • Assess the impact of individual services that this project will require (water, energy, transport, individual infrastructure, sewerage, etc.).
  • Inform the Department of the actions to be taken in the context of the public presentation, as well as any comments that will be received.

As you may know, the main goal of Decosta Labs Ltd is to revive interest and tell about the traditions of Cyprus through the production of products from agricultural raw materials (olive oil, wine, herbs) and animal husbandry (dairy products), attracting visitors to the park.

The new project should be a place to educate and inform visitors/tourists about the best practices applied in agriculture in Cyprus using biological methods for the care and conservation of plant species and the environment in general, as well as the traditional methods used in the processing of agricultural products in the country.

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Source: philenews.com
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