The construction of the Paphos Marina again under failure

Строительство Марины Пафоса в очередной раз оказалось под угрозой срыва
6 October 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

Zero-interest after the constant setbacks and chronic legal tug-of-war is observed in the open tender for the purchase of specialized consulting/consulting services, announced by the Ministry of Tourism, to address combined marina development and cruise line infrastructure.

This development, although expected, especially at this time due to the unprecedented situation experienced by the whole world with the pandemic, has caused great concern to the economic agents of Paphos who see a project, in which the province pioneered, to be canceled at full speed. While all the other coastal areas now have it in their plans.

Строительство Марины Пафоса в очередной раз оказалось под угрозой срыва

The situation is characterized as crucial by the local bodies. Due to coronavirus, continuous cancellations and legal appeals have been added to large consulting firms' differentiation of priorities.

The Ministry of Tourism extended the time frame of expression of interest to raise satisfactory and above all quality interest for this competition.

The results of the study and the recommendations of the experts regarding the optimal choice will be submitted to the Council of Ministers for final approval. A second tender will follow, which will concern the provision of consulting/consulting services, support the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, prepare the terms of the open tender, and conduct the tender process, which is expected to find a strategic investor for the project.

In practice, however, more and more Paphos investment and economic operators are openly expressing doubts about whether the big project can be successful in the foreseeable future.

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