Construction of GURU Mountain Hill Resort in Pano Platres Under Threat of Failure

Строительство GURU Mountain Hill Resort в Пано Платрес под угрозой срыва
30 September 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

On Wednesday, September 29, a meeting of the Committee on the Environment took place in Cyprus, at which the further fate of the large GURU project in Pano Platres was discussed.

In August 2020, the Department of Town Planning and Housing banned work on the site where the new hotel complex was being built. Despite this, the developer continued construction, which caused a conflict between the two parties.

During the meeting, the Parliamentary Committee gave the developer and the department an opportunity to express their views on what was happening.

The owner of the development company DTA Group, which is implementing the project, told the committee that all the work was carried out legally and that there was no interference in the areas falling within the security zone.

They stressed that all construction work that has already begun are part of the urban planning plan and building permits issued by the competent authorities. He added that a permit for urban planning is expected soon for another phase of the project, for which an environmental study has been submitted.

He noted that a public carnage had previously operated in the area of ​​the project being developed, noting that their company traded a specific piece for another high-value one in Pano Platres to create public parking spaces for the villagers.

Finally, they stressed that the Cyprus Department of the Environment in 2019 did not request the Environmental Impact Assessment Study (MEEP) before the start of work, which they said they did in 2020 after the company invested heavily in the project.

The representative of the Department of Town Planning and Housing, Andreas Hadjivasiliou, insisted on not following the warning issued earlier.

In particular, he stated that after the relevant information about the unauthorized performance of construction and earthmoving work in the area of ​​a particular development, the Department of Town Planning and Housing carried out an inspection and found that the developer was carrying out his activities without obtaining the necessary permits. In this regard, the competent authority sent a notification to the developer demanding an immediate cessation of any work before obtaining all the necessary permits.

A representative of the Accounts Office said that after receiving a complaint from the Department of Water Resources and the Department of Environment, additional information regarding the project was requested.

He added that the Department of Water Development in the sent letter listed a number of risks in connection with the possible impact on the Kouris dam as a result of the proposed development. He stressed that according to the information received by the Accounts Chamber, at least half of the construction projects are completely located in the protected area of ​​the Kouris reservoir, and in case of possible pollution, there will be serious consequences.

In addition, he noted that they had been informed that, given the nature of the construction, the effects of pollution are cumulative and clean-up is virtually impossible.

As you may know, the GURU Mountain Hill Resort project in Pano Platres provides for the construction of a 7-storey hotel, villas and bungalows.

According to the release, the hotel will be 16.15 meters above the ground floor level. It will include a lobby, restaurant, bar and cafe, Bottega store, children's play area, living room, traditional barbecue area, 2-level parking for 182 cars, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, gym, treatment room, Turkish bath and sauna.

The houses and duplex bungalows with enchanting mountain views will be located separately from the main building and will combine modern and ultramodern design. For those looking for a property with the same quality, elegance and great views, but on a lower budget, the resort will offer 20 studios and 51 one bedroom apartments above the main building.

A total of 11 luxury villas at the Guru complex, with an emphasis on quality, they will have a unique style and stand out from the rest of the resort. 3-, 4- and 5-bedroom mansions will be equipped with 2 fireplaces (1 internal and 1 external on the veranda), terraces with double ceiling heights, spacious bedrooms, kitchen, living room, dining room and have the level A energy efficiency.

The Guru duplex bungalows will feature spacious verandas with magnificent mountain views. A total of 5 such mansions will appear in the new complex.

Their interiors will reflect a special unique style, with an emphasis on functionality and simplicity, as well as the use of natural wood, which is in perfect harmony with nature.

Finally, the apartments and suites at Guru are designed with clean, simple lines, minimalism and functionality, without sacrificing aesthetics. The emphasis in them is made on appearance and naturalness, which is reflected in the general style. Beautiful wood floors and soft pastel colors blend in with nature.

For the convenience of visitors to GURU Mountain Hill, a wide range of exclusive services is provided: 24-hour front desk, concierge services, maintenance, 24-hour on-demand services, excursion and travel services, ordering food and drinks, etc.

Строительство GURU Mountain Hill Resort в Пано Платрес под угрозой срыва

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