The Asteroid: new business center in Nicosia

The Asteroid: новый бизнес-центр в Никосии
24 June 2022 Liza Medvetskaya

The Asteroid, a new commercial high-rise project in Nicosia, has been completed.

This was announced by the developer on Thursday, June 23. The building is expected to be commissioned next week.

The Asteroid is a modern business project, which is located in the heart of the business center of the island's capital, on Atlantos Street. Asteroid is located near the head offices of banks, headquarters of government organizations, offices of large international companies, insurance companies and restaurants.

Today it is the tallest office building in Nicosia, which will soon become home to large international companies and organizations from all over the world.

The business center has 16 floors, on which cozy offices are provided. Two underground floors are occupied by a spacious Parking lot. There is a bar on the roof of the building with panoramic views of the city.

Overall height of the Asteroid is 80 m. It is worth noting that the high-rise attracts attention not only by its size, but also by its unusual architecture, thanks to which it will undoubtedly become a new business card of Nicosia.

The Asteroid was built using monolithic frame technology in compliance with European building regulations and taking into account the seismic activity of the region. The total area of the building is 10 thousand m3, of which 6 thousand m2 are allocated for office space. All offices are separated from the common areas by concrete walls, and the internal partitions are made of plasterboard with insulation.

In addition to the modern look, the peculiarity of the business center is its environmental friendliness. By the way, the building was built with minimal impact on the environment.

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The Asteroid: новый бизнес-центр в Никосии

In addition, according to the architects' idea, the futuristic design of the skyscraper made of concrete, glass and aluminum complements the vegetation that was planted in the courtyard, as well as a decorative fountain with a revolving water supply system.

It is noteworthy that all office spaces inside the building can be redesigned depending on the individual characteristics of the companies.

Thus, future tenants will not be limited by rigid limits. Plus, they will have access to a private garden on the roof of the business center, from where an unforgettable view of Nicosia will open.

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