Sunset Gardens Most Sustainable Residential Complex In Cyprus

Sunset Gardens - самый экологичный жилой комплекс Кипра
1 July 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

Environmental safety is becoming increasingly important when choosing housing in Cyprus. More and more buyers study factors such as the proximity of green areas, the level of harmful substances in water and soil, and the radiological safety of a building. More and more developers are building in accordance with the latest environmental requirements, using safe materials and technologies for the construction of facilities.

Sunset Gardens is one of the best examples of such projects on the island.

A new residential complex is being built by Imperio between the City of Dreams Mediterranean Casino Resort and Limassol Greens Golf Resort in Limassol.

The project has a fairly attractive location.

Within a couple of hundred meters, there is a sandy beach, shops, cafes and a shopping center. But, most importantly, there are no dense buildings nearby, which means that residents of Sunset Gardens will be happy to enjoy peace and quiet, admire the riot of colors of nature and relax in the shade of trees. The downside may be the lack of public transport within walking distance, which, however, is typical of many projects in which the emphasis is on environmental friendliness.

Sunset Gardens is the first closed multicultural space with low-rise buildings of 315 1-, 2-, 3-bedroom apartments and magnificent four-bedroom penthouses surrounded by a huge 10 m2 park. In total, the developer plans to plant about 44 thousand different trees and other plants.

In the future, this will enable the owners and residents of the apartments to enjoy life in complete harmony with nature, combining everyday rutine with sports. For example, cycling, jogging, or yoga on the grass. And all this in the fresh air, in a stunning green paradise.

Thanks to architectural solutions created by UDS Architects and Designers, and a master plan by renowned EDSA, Sunset Gardens is carefully designed to create a secure, gated community where people enjoy getting together and retaining fond memories.

In addition, the residents of the complex will have access to swimming pools, basketball and tennis courts, a private gym, a mini-supermarket, a business center, a cafe, a small restaurant, etc. The apartments will correspond to the high quality of Imperio development, and each building will have 2 levels of roof gardens.

Since Sunset Gardens will be part of the district's ecosystem, the project intends to use renewable energy sources, efficient wastewater management and recycling systems.

Sunset Gardens - самый экологичный жилой комплекс Кипра

The project will be implemented in 2 phases with a difference of 6 months.

Currently, the developer is actively constructing the first buildings, which they intend to commission in the summer of 2022, simultaneously with the opening of the City of Dreams Casino Resort. Imperio will then proceed to the second phase of construction of the complex, which is scheduled for completion in early 2023.

In addition to the ecological component, the undoubted attractive feature of Sunset Gardens, of course, is the inexpensive cost of buying a home in it. By the way, prices start at 185,000 euros + VAT for 1-room apartments.

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