Some Cyprus Property Owners Unable to List Properties on AirBnB

Некоторые собственники недвижимости на Кипре не могут размещать свои объекты на AirBnB
27 October 2021 DOM LiVE

This summer, Cyprus updated the rules for renting out property on AirBnB. According to the innovations, the owners are now required to be in the National Registry and have a special serial number.

It is worth noting that the majority of property owners interested in short-term renting of their houses or apartments have already submitted the necessary documents and received the appropriate permission.

However, there were also those who faced a number of inconveniences and the problem of obtaining the serial number. For example, houses in the countryside or mountainous areas have such problems.

The fact is that it is impossible to obtain a final building permit for very old buildings, as required by law. In addition, according to the new rules, houses with more than five rooms also cannot be in AirBnB.

Thus, based on the rules, housing that can be registered in the National Registry must have a maximum capacity of 4-5 people. A certain paradox turns out.

Некоторые собственники недвижимости на Кипре не могут размещать свои объекты на AirBnB

The Deputy Ministry of Tourism of Cyprus promised to deal with this problem in the very near future, since it has already received several complaints from the owners of leased objects who do not want to lose their income.

As you may know, earlier homeowners were allowed to rent out their real estate if they paid VAT in favor of the government and daily fees to local authorities.

Now, owners have to pay an additional registration fee for each housing unit (222 euros every three years) to have a serial number.

Owners of properties that are already in the Airbnb platform database must register by the end of 2021. The implementation of the new rules is monitored by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Cyprus.

At the same time, so far they are very loyal to the owners, but from February 2022, the Deputy Ministry will begin to conduct inspections of landlords in order to identify violations. This includes checking for registration and serial numbers in the National Registry, as well as compliance with the rules.

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