Soho Resort: Luxury Living by Sea

Soho Resort: роскошная жизнь на берегу моря
8 September 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

In Paphos, construction has begun on a large-scale unique Soho Resort project.

Soon the first high-rise buildings will appear in the city, just 100 meters from the coast. The grandiose complex of two 15- and 16-storey buildings will be located right next to the SODAP beach. In fact, this is the very center of Paphos: it is a stone's throw from the Old Town and Pano Paphos.

The West Tower will have 50 luxury apartments and the East Tower should house 68 apartments.

High-rise buildings with an elegant, unique silhouette will stand out from the rest of the buildings, while not disrupting the landscape, but rather adding futuristic notes to it. The unconventional, progressive design of Soho Resort will stand out from the classic design principles.

Soho Resort: роскошная жизнь на берегу моря

Every element of SOHO Resort is designed in such a way as not to limit the perfect vew. The innovative use of glass will provide both towers with a sense of literal Cypriot light and sea breeze, making every square meter of this ambitious project attractive and outstanding. In addition, the apartments are fully finished, heated floors and a "smart home" system.

It should be noted that SOHO RESORT towers will stand out not only for the number of floors, but also for the level of service offered.

Residents of high-rise buildings will have access to diverse services of their own infrastructure: concierge service, round-the-clock security, parking.

SOHO Resort will boast an extensive infrastructure that will cover a total of more than 46 thousand m2. The public spaces have been designed with the comfort of residents and visitors in mind. They are sure to impress and provide ample space to relax, socialize and enjoy the view. There will be restaurants, cafes and cocktail lounges on site, as well as a swimming pool, fitness center, spa, tennis court, workplaces, entertainment venues and an outdoor park.

The completion date of the object is scheduled for 2022, which means that now is the time to think about buying an apartment in this project. In 2023, property prices at Soho Resort will be very different.

Already now, there is no doubt that due to the favorable location, the demand for the purchase and rent of apartments in SOHO will be colossal! In addition, there are very few high in Paphos, even in the distant future, and only a few in the very center. This is due to the fact that the municipality and local residents want to preserve the ancient cultural image of the city. Therefore, multi-storey buildings are not held in high esteem here.

Soho Resort: роскошная жизнь на берегу моря

Detailed information about the project and a list of all available apartments, you can find at the link. The DOM website also has over 20,000 real estate properties in the country, ranging from residential to commercial. Choose and contact professionals who will help you make the right choice!
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