The renovation works of the building complex "Zouhouri" have started

В Ларнаке начался ремонт исторического комплекса Зухури
12 September 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

Work began this week on the project "Renovation of the yard and restoration of part of the Zouhouri building complex".

A written announcement of the Municipality of Larnaca states that "the works are performed by the Company C. Roushas Trading and Development Ltd, the project is expected to be completed in 18 months and its total budget amounts to € 2 870 000 + VAT. 

The project can be co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, under the Operational Program "Competitiveness and Sustainable Development 2014-2020".

It is noted that the Zouhouri building complex, which consists of the courtyard, the perimeter buildings, the Mosque and the former T / C Agora, is located in the Urban Center of the city and is one of the most important Ancient Monuments of Larnaca.

The project includes the renovation of the courtyard, including the area of ​​the former T / C Agora, the maintenance and restoration of the Guesthouse located on the floor of the buildings near the Mosque, as well as the maintenance and restoration of the facades of all the buildings of the complex, by the side of the yard.

According to the announcement, "the purpose of the project is the functional and aesthetic improvement of the space and the buildings of the complex and the functional connection of the yard with the surrounding area and the road network of the area. It is important that the configuration of the courtyard highlights the historical and traditional character of the Temple and the buildings, in order to attract both the residents of Larnaca and the foreign visitors".

The Municipality of Larnaca announces that “the renovation of the yard and the restoration of part of the Zouhouri building complex, is the 6th and last project of the Programming Period 2014 - 2020 and marks the completion of a cycle. At the same time, it marks the beginning of another cycle, since the implementation of all 6 projects, laid the foundations for the maturation and implementation of projects that fall within the new Programming Period 2021 - 2027, which the Municipal Council has already set in motion ".

В Ларнаке начался ремонт исторического комплекса Зухури

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