A new cycle of implementation in Larnaca

Ларнаку ждет тотальная модернизация Ларнаку ждет тотальная модернизация
28 July 2020 DOM LiVE
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Monday, July 27, Larnaca Mayor Andreas Vyras told, that the new cycle of maturation and implementation of projects begins in Larnaca, with European funds, including the renovation of the Pattiheio Park and the Alki Acropolis squares.

He added that "on July 8, the contract for partial renovation of the Zouhouri mosque was signed and the works are expected to start in September with a schedule of 18 months and their completion in March - April 2022.

This project will cost about 2.3 million euros, with the to supplement the raising of about 20 million euros from the programming period 2014-2020 ".

The project "Renovation of the yard and restoration of part of the building complex Zouhouri", continued Mr. Vyras "is the sixth and last project of a cycle that began with the renovation of the Municipal Garden and continued with the new Municipal Market, the Community Center, the renovation of the Club and the projects in the streets of the center together with infrastructure for the disabled ".

Answering a relevant question, the Mayor said that "the Zouhouri project marks the completion of a cycle, however, the foundations have already been laid for the maturation and implementation of projects that fall within the new programming period 2021 - 2027, which have been wheeled by the Municipal Council. In fact, some of the projects will be a direct continuation of some that have been completed, such as Ermou Street, where infrastructure for the disabled was constructed ". 

Regarding the new projects that will be done in Larnaca, among them is "the completion of the restoration of the historical monument of the city with the restoration of the exterior of the Zouhouri complex and the Popular Neighborhood. Through the two specific projects, the street of Kleanthi Kalogera will be renovated and its configuration for the disabled, while the inner courtyard of Zouhouri will be renovated and the interior faces will be restored ".

The Mayor of Larnaca also said that "among the new projects is the Municipal Park Salina, which will be created in the area of the former residences of the Prefect and the Police Director and the renovation of Pattiheio Park. It is also planned to renovate the coastal front of Athens Avenue on the beach of Finikoudes by designing the front from the boundaries of the buildings to the sea. The project will include the firefighting area, the dining area, the sidewalks and the beach ".

Ларнаку ждет тотальная модернизация

According to the plan, "Alki and Acropolis Squares will be renovated, a project that is expected to revitalize the specific areas outside the central area of Larnaca, but have been key points of the city for many years. The area around Chrysopolitissa will also be renovated with the aim of highlighting the church, while it will be connected to the ancient Kition and the ancient port, so that the specific area can be revitalized ".

Among the projects, according to Andreas Vyras, is the "creation of parks and other gathering and entertainment venues in the refugee settlements with the creation of social, sports and cultural gathering places such as stadiums, amphitheaters and parks. Another project is the connection of Aliki with the fishing shelter and will include the configuration of the fishing shelter and the construction of an air-pedestrian bridge that will connect the area next to the Petraki Kyprianou park with the pedestrian street of Aliki ".

Source: philenews, cityoflarnaka.

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