Pafilia Property Developers presents The One: A grandiose project and vision that becomes a reality

Pafilia Property Developers презентовала новый видео ролик о небоскрёбе ΟΝΕ
18 December 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

A highly revealing and interesting film has been published by the company Pafilia Property Developers about the progress of the ONE project's construction work on Limassol's coastal front.

The short film reveals the project's size and its construction complexity and the company's innovative practices.

 ONE is the highest coastal housing project in the Mediterranean, which has reshaped the Limassol skyline. This unique project of Pafilia is in completion and is an essential milestone for Cyprus's construction sector. It is an achievement of engineering as well as an architectural masterpiece. In his statements, the CEO of the Company, Mr. Elias Iliadis, stated, among other things, "The current era, as well as the real estate market, requires quality in the design but also innovative construction applications. Requires quality construction materials and a high level of skill in completing construction work. We are proud to see our vision come true. Once again, Pafilia has succeeded, its projects and, more specifically, ONE to be a reference point for the real estate sector. The emblematic form of ONE architecture competes with the most notable projects around the world. It is these kinds of projects that we need to make Cyprus an investment destination, and these are the projects that have managed to attract several real estate investors in our country, contributing to its economic recovery".Pafilia Property Developers презентовала новый видео ролик о небоскрёбе ΟΝΕ

At the moment, the construction works focus on the configuration and completion of the apartments. But mainly on the completion of the building's unique shell design, which will add and further highlight the beauty and elegance of the building. It is worth emphasizing the particular difficulty of constructing the shell due to its curvature and considerable height.

 ONE is the result of many years of multi-level cooperation of hundreds of consultants and partners from abroad and at home, which has been the source of inspiration for many other development projects in our country while contributing to the construction sector's upgrading the real estate sector. It consists of 83 luxury apartments and has all the necessary wellness infrastructure providing all the services that ensure the comfort of the project residents and the quality of life that suits them. Besides, on the project's ground floor, there is a square with a restaurant and shops of famous houses.

 Despite the adverse conditions of the year, the company proceeded with determination and courage to complete the project's construction work without discounts, fulfilling its promises to its customers. The completion of ONE reaffirms its credibility and reputation in delivering unique projects and providing quality services to its customers.

 It is worth noting that the company has quickly allocated more than 90% of its housing units. The project has also managed to attract buyers of 15 different ethnicities, which proves the global presence of the company and especially the ONE project on the world map of real estate. 

 Pafilia Property Developers was founded in 1977 and is a pioneer in creating luxurious destinations for modern living and living. It has a wide range of properties in Paphos and Limassol, consisting of modern apartments, houses, villas, beachfront buildings, and the only luxury Golf Resort. 

See here the progress of the construction work of the ONE project.

Подробнее о небоскребе можно ознакомиться по ссылке.

Photos: onelimassol
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