Construction And Modernization Of 7 Hotels Approved In Cyprus In First Half Of 2021

За первую половину 2021 года на Кипре одобрили строительство и модернизацию 7 отелей
28 June 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

The tourism industry is considered one of the leading in Cyprus, its development is of priority importance for the country's economy.

Hundreds of thousands of foreign visitors visit the island every year. Their number is growing rapidly. According to the latest data from the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, there are more than 800 hotels in Cyprus, which can accommodate more than 80 thousand tourists. Despite this, there is an acute shortage of hotel rooms in the country. In the near future the Cyprus government intends to solve the problem by the construction of new hotels and reconstruction of old ones.

So, in the first half of 2021, the Department of Environment has already approved the construction and modernization of 7 hotels.

Among them:

Sole and Mare in Paralimni

The 3-star hotel will be built on three plots of land with a total area of ​​10 857 m2, located on the tourist development zone T2β1α, which means that the construction of buildings no higher than three floors.

According to the presented architectural plans, the hotel will consist of a basement, mezzanine and three floors.

The hotel will include:

  • 120 modern rooms, 6 of which are reserved for people with special needs,
  • waiting hall,
  • a restaurant,
  • bar,
  • offices,
  • multifunctional hall,
  • game rooms,
  • pool,
  • auxiliary spaces,
  • 54 parking spaces, 5 of which will be designed for people with special needs.

Summer Breeze in Paphos.

A 4-storey hotel complex will be built in the municipality of Peyia in the Paphos region. The total building area will be 5,521 m2. The hotel will have 450 beds (225 rooms).

The basement of the building will have:

  • parking for 183 parking spaces, of which 4 will be allocated for people with disabilities
  • kitchen
  • refrigerating chambers (rooms)
  • storage facilities for food and drinks
  • luggage storage
  • premises for medical staff.

The ground floor of the building includes:

  • a restaurant
  • offices
  • rest rooms
  • indoor pool
  • spa
  • gym.

The ground floor open area will include:

  • 3 swimming pools
  • public green spaces
  • 22 parking spaces, 4 of which will be allocated for people with disabilities.
  • Photovoltaic panels will be installed on the roof of the hotel.

It should be noted that the project will be located in blocks 456 and 457, F / F: 44/24, close to tourist complexes. It is known that a complex of 19 villas and another hotel block will soon appear to the southwest of the proposed development site at a distance of 200 m. At a distance of 450 m from Summer Breeze Panareti is Laura Beach.

Golden Coast in Paralimni

According to the project, Golden Coast Ltd and Lordos Hotels (Holding) intend to completely reconstruct the territory of the old hotel. In particular, two old buildings will be demolished and new high-rise condo buildings will be erected in their place.

The first building, called "Gold Coast", will consist of 7 floors, which will house a total of 238 apartments. The second building will be named "Artemis". It will be a 6-storey high-rise building with 103 apartments.

In addition, the project provides for:

  • parking on the ground and first floors of buildings,
  • indoor and outdoor pools,
  • public recreation areas,
  • restaurants,
  • tennis court,
  • bars,
  • outdoor event area,
  • offices for employees,
  • waiting areas,
  • the shops,
  • game and TV rooms,
  • gym,
  • spa (with sauna and steam room),
  • mechanical rooms,
  • small church,
  • recreation areas with sun loungers on the beach and by the pool.

The estimated cost of the entire project is about 8 million euros.

3-Star Hotel in Ayia Napa

According to the project, the building will have 34 rooms with 68 beds. It will be erected on a plot of 1,865 m2 in the tourist area T1c and Ev.

The area of ​​the hotel building will be 1030 m2, and the height will be 5 floors.

The hotel will include:

  • 20 standard rooms, 4 disabled rooms and 10 suites
  • hall, lounge area
  • outdoor pool with rooftop bar
  • fitness room and massage room
  • playroom for children
  • dining room
  • a restaurant
  • 3 shops
  • public areas
  • utility rooms.

For the convenience of hotel guests, a spacious parking lot will be equipped.

Demolition of Asimina Suites Hotel in Paphos for the construction of a new luxury complex

Asimina Suites Hotel will soon be demolished in Paphos, and in its place a new complex of luxury apartments will appear, which will also be rented out to guests of the city.

The mixed-use project involves the construction of three nine-storey residential buildings called Asimina A, B and C. Each house will be 34 meters high. In total, the complex will have 57 apartments.

From the ground to the first floor, high-rise buildings will house two three-room apartments, and on the eighth floor of each building - five-room luxury apartments.

For the convenience of the residents of the complex, there is a spacious underground parking for 86 cars, 5 of which will be reserved for people with special needs. The complex will also have an outdoor swimming pool and green area with an area of ​​2 870 m2.

The total building area of ​​the proposed project is 11,265 m2.

Modernization of The Landmark Nicosia

The hotel was built in 1967 and since then has been one of the largest hotels in the Nicosia area.

According to the issued permission, the hotel will reconstruct the ground floor and mezzanine, build a new 180 m2 swimming pool, two restaurants with 230 m2 and 210 m2, respectively, as well as a 32 m2 cafe and a 150 m2 bar. At the same time, no work will be carried out on the hotel floors and in the basements.

The total area of ​​the ground floor and mezzanine covered areas is now 4,513 m2. In the future, they will be expanded to 5,791 m2. The reconstruction project also includes the creation of underground and surface parking for 419 cars.

It is known that in the course of the work, the walls on the ground floor of the hotel building will be demolished so that the necessary changes can be made. The total area of ​​the plots to be demolished will be about 1,450 m2, and the total area of ​​the plots on which renovation work will be carried out will amount to 1,352 m2.

It is worth noting that the surrounding area is dominated by mixed, commercial, office and residential developments. Construction work on the project will take about 24 months. It is noted that during the construction work, the existing hotel will continue to operate.

In addition, it should be noted that soon after the reconstruction of the hotel itself, two new skyscrapers, 22 and 27 floors high, will be erected in the parking lot of The Landmark hotel (formerly the Hilton hotel). One tower will be for residential use, the other for commercial use. Each skyscraper will have a two-level underground parking.

3 star hotel in Ayia Napa

Another 3-star hotel will appear in the tourist Ayia Napa.

The building will include a basement, ground floor, mezzanine and three floors. The new hotel will have 25 double rooms and 2 rooms for people with special needs. The building has a spacious lobby, breakfast room, restaurant, outdoor pool and rooftop bar.

For the convenience of customers, a parking lot for 12 cars will be equipped next to the building, two of which will be reserved for people with special needs.

It is worth noting that within a radius of one kilometer from the proposed building site there are tourist complexes, the port and the monastery of Ayia Napa, and the nearest residential area is 250 m away. The territory on which the new hotel will be built is located in close proximity to the Loukkos Tou Mandi Beach.

За первую половину 2021 года на Кипре одобрили строительство и модернизацию 7 отелей

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