Construction of New 10-Story Building Approved in Nicosia

В Никосии одобрили строительство новой 10-этажной высотки
21 December 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

The Government of Cyprus bypassed the municipality of Nicosia and approved the construction of a new 10-story high-rise on the capital's Kinira Street.

The future building will be next to historical architectural monuments of the capital.

The Municipality of Nicosia opposed the implementation of such a project. The city authorities sent an official letter to the Minister of Internal Affairs with a request to prevent the construction of the high-rise building in the city center.

Local officials said that the land on which it is planned to build a high-rise is special protection. In their opinion, the construction of a 10-story building will completely change the appearance of the area, which is unacceptable.

It is worth noting that earlier the coefficient of development in the area of Kinira Street was 100%. However, after the approval of the new development plan for this area, it increased to 200%. This allowed some developers to build taller buildings in the historic center. This fact has become an impetus for the growth of prices not only for new, but also for secondary housing. On the one hand, the owners of real estate benefited, on the other hand, the central part of the city began to lose its uniqueness.

В Никосии одобрили строительство новой 10-этажной высотки

It is noteworthy that according to the rules, the height of the new building should not exceed 8 floors.

Therefore, the municipality of Nicosia rejected the application for the construction of a high-rise. But the developer turned to the ministerial committee, which eventually approved it. 

The justification for the assignment of two additional floors was explained by the fact that the building would be erected not near the road, but in the far part of the plot. By the way, the building will be erected in an area that is considered very privileged. Firstly, there are few high-rise buildings and it is sparsely populated. And secondly, most state institutions are concentrated here, including the Parliament, courts, museums, and a new archaeological museum will also appear soon. 

In turn, the department of Lands and Surveys also opposed this development project, noting that it ignores the current legislation on special areas, which provides for a maximum height of 8 floors.

We, as archaeologists who study and record the material culture of Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean, believe that the special character of Kinira Street should be preserved, their statement reads.

В Никосии одобрили строительство новой 10-этажной высотки

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