Cyprus Extends Maternity Leave for Second and Third Child

На Кипре продлили декретный отпуск по уходу за вторым и третьим ребенком
5 November 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

The Parliament approved a law on the increasing the period of paid maternity leave for the second and subsequent births in Cyprus.

On Thursday, November 4, 46 deputies voted for the bill.

According to new rules, women who have given birth to a second child will have 22 weeks maternity leave, and for the third and subsequent birth - they will get 26 weeks. As before, women who have given birth to their first child will be able to stay on paid leave for 18 weeks.

This rule will apply not only to newlyweds, but also to mothers who are already on maternity leave, women who have adopted children, and citizens to whom surrogate mothers have given birth.

На Кипре продлили декретный отпуск, но не всем

As you may kknow, that the decision to extend maternity leave was made by the Council of Ministers in May last year.

Currently, a woman who has health insurance and has a certificate from a doctor, which indicates the expected week of pregnancy, has the right to maternity leave. Maternity leave is usually granted 2 weeks before delivery, how to use the rest of the time, the woman decides for herself.

If more than one child is born, the right to maternity leave is extended by four weeks for each child.

During the period of maternity leave, the working mother receives payments and maternity benefits under the conditions provided for by the Law on Social Insurance. The application form for maternity leave must be submitted to the local social security administration after it is signed by the applicant, the employer and the doctor.

In 2017, the Law on the Protection of Paternity (No. 117 (I) / 2017) came into force in Cyprus. In accordance with this law, an employee whose spouse gave birth to or received a child from a surrogate mother, or he and his wife who adopted a child under the age of 12, are entitled to two consecutive weeks of parental leave for a period of 16 weeks, starting from the week of birth or adoption.

Paternity benefits are paid in accordance with social insurance laws. Thus, fathers who have made contributions to the Social Insurance Fund have the right to apply. The father must inform his employer of his intention to exercise the right to parental leave in writing with two weeks' advance notice, as well as submit his application form to the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Social Insurance within 21 days after the start of the leave.

Applicants must submit, among other things, a child's birth certificate, as well as marriage certificates or a cohabitation agreement. This law applies only to fathers who are legally married or in a civil partnership.

No wonder Cyprus is called an ideal place to live with children. A pleasant climate, excellent ecology, affordable housing, high-quality education, and now an improved social policy are the key points to move to the island, give birth and raise children here.

На Кипре продлили декретный отпуск по уходу за вторым и третьим ребенком

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