Three New Parks to Appear in Larnaca in 2022

В 2022 году в Ларнаке появится сразу три новых парка
2 January 2022 Liza Medvetskaya

Three new parks will appear in Larnaca in 2022.

This was announced on Saturday, January 1, by the mayor of the city Andreas Vyras.

According to the mayor, the city municipality has budgeted about 1,165 million euros for the development of these projects. In particular, 385,179 euros will be allocated for Pattichio Park, 800,000 euros for the Artists' Park and 462,778 euros for Salina Park.

These three parks will be the largest in the city and will give a new impetus to the development of the areas in which they will appear.

The Pattihio Park project involves the modernization of the territory of the amphitheater of the same name, a playground will be erected there, trees will be planted, pedestrian paths will be laid, cafes will be opened, a skate playground will be equipped. The park will become one of the most beautiful places for public recreation in Cyprus.

В 2022 году в Ларнаке появится сразу три новых парка

A new place of attraction for tourists and locals will also appear in the area of the former Turkish Cypriot area, which is located just north of the Piyale Paşa Street, running from the fort of Larnaca along the sea. By the way, the Artists' park is among the nine projects that the municipality wants to submit to the European Union in order to receive funding from Euro funds for 2021-2027.

In order to receive subsidies from the EU, it is necessary that the project is at the initial stage of implementation. Therefore, in 2022, the city authorities will begin work on repairing facades, creating open-air exhibition areas on Ak Deniz and Boz Kurt streets, installing new benches and flower beds. As part of the project, it is also planned to change the pavement to tiles, expand sidewalks, install modern street lighting and urban equipment and, of course, the construction of an artists' park. The area of Larnaca, bounded by the parking lot of the former Turkish Cypriot cinema, Ak Deniz, Boz Kurt and Boz Dag streets, is considered a traditional place of residence and work of sculptors, artists and potters.

As for the Salina Park, it will be created on the site of the former residence of the head of the police in Drosia. This place is considered one of the most littered in the city. The historic buildings will be handed over to the Cyprus Youth Organization and will become accessible to residents. In addition to the lake and fountains, the park will have an infrastructure for active recreation and for people with disabilities. New jobs will be created for the duration of the project and after the opening of the park.

The park should become the new "green lungs" of Larnaca, a place of recreation and entertainment, sports, socialization. Salina Park will be a continuation of the existing municipal park of Larnaca. In the future, they will be connected by a third park, which will be broken up in front of the old hospital building (the municipality will move into it after repairs). As a result, a large and beautiful green park will be created in the heart of the city.

Work on the projects will begin in early 2022.

В 2022 году в Ларнаке появится сразу три новых парка

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