Moving to Cyprus. How to quickly find a new home on the island?

Как быстро найти жильё на Кипре для переезда?
27 May 2021 DOM LiVE

Unfortunately, we live in turbulent times. Life in some countries has become worse, but you can always find a new home such as Cyprus.

A very favorable social environment for foreigners has been created here.

Excellent ecology, high-quality education and medicine, delicious food, safety, friendly people, atmosphere - this is just a small list of what attracts Cyprus.

If you dream of moving to Cyprus, or circumstances forced you to change permanent residence, then this article will help you navigate and determine where to start moving towards your dream.

Sometimes life has a moment when you realize that it is time to change something in life. For example, you have reached the ceiling in your career and personal development in your country, or you think that you wish your children a better future than the prospect that they have now, or do not agree with the government of your country, or you always wanted to live in another country, to learn a different culture and mentality.

There can be many reasons. But, the main thing is that you have a desire to move to live in another country.

Cyprus is just an ideal option for you!

The cost of living in Cyprus is higher than in many countries, but the standard of living is better. Even if you have an average salary in Limassol, you can afford to rent a one-room (or even two-) apartment, and you will always have money for food, interesting life, entertainment and hobbies.

Who is suitable for moving to Cyprus:

  • lovers of the sea and warm climate
  • families with small children
  • elderly people or those who often expect their aged moms and dads to visit them
  • young and active people may be a little bored in Cyprus.

If you are moving abroad for the first time, then Cyprus is a very nice option. If you move to Continental Europe, the US or other countries, it will be much more difficult, both physically, psychologically and financially.

Where to begin?

When moving to Cyprus, the main task that has to be solved first is finding the future home.

At the initial stage, we advise you to use the short-term rental services on the websites:

  • is a world famous platform for finding hostels, guesthouses and hotels. needs no introduction. An old-timer of the hotel market, it contains thousands of hotel options in all countries of the world. Including Cyprus. Booking also has a system of rewards for regular users - genius, by which you can book some hotels with a 10% discount. Sometimes the price becomes very favorable.
  • is the easiest service to rent an apartment in Cyprus for a short time. Airbnb makes it easy and safe to rent a property on the island. The platform checks profiles and ads, provides a messaging system for correspondence between guests and hosts, and uses a robust payment processing program. By the way, airbnb has such a cool thing as an invitation discount. If you are not registered with airbnb yet, you can get around €25 off your first booking on Airbnb.

In general, on these two platforms, you can find good options for 2-3 days or even for a week.

A good alternative to and is a hotel.

If you learn current offers, then you can find the best deals in price-quality ratio. A hotel is a simple and convenient way to rent accommodation on the island. The hotel can be booked in advance on the website, by phone or upon arrival. When you book a hotel in advance, you have the opportunity to choose from many more options than if you book a room upon arrival. Plus, there are often discounts on hotel websites.

Another important plus is that when you book a room through a hotel booking system, you get a guarantee from the website. If the number does not match the one in the photo, or there are some other unforeseen circumstances, then the customer protection service will help solve the problem.

Как быстро найти жильё на Кипре для переезда?

Looking for housing when you are already on the island is a good way to save money if you approach it wisely.

However, in Cyprus this idea is risky.

First, you still need to learn more about the city areas in advance in order to understand where inexpensive hostels / guesthouses are located. It is ideal to read on travelers' forums or Facebook, to learn where and what inexpensive options are recommended by experienced persons, or to have a proven travel guide at hand.

Secondly, do not rush to "tempting" offers by unknown persons - they are unlikely to really help. It sounds corny, but when you independently search for housing in Cyprus, you have no guarantees: the owner, having received the money, can turn into a villain, and nothing can be done about it. Also, do not underestimate the high season in Cyprus, when even the ugliest housing is gone like hot cakes.

Finally, the most reliable option is to trust the professionals! For example, DOM Real Estate specialists!

Our staff will be happy to help you. You can count on the support of the DOM to help you resolve issues at every stage of your move:

  • choosing the optimal city and area for your permanent residence
  • assistance in the selection of a suitable housing option for long-term rent or for the purchase of real estate in Cyprus
  • support in creating a lease / purchase agreement
  • assistance in getting the medical insurance
  • obtaining reliable information for your acquaintance with the island, and especially with the sunny city of Limassol.

DOM Real Estate specialists will advise you on transferring your business to Cyprus, opening a bank account, visas, legal services and other important nuances.

Как быстро найти жильё на Кипре для переезда?

Attention! The DOM Real Estate assigns an individual manager to each client. This means that the DOM makes your move to Cyprus as comfortable as possible.

Do you have any questions? We will be happy to answer them or provide all the information you need.

Source: DOM LiVE
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