Greek Cypriots Turn To Property Committee in Northern Cyprus En Masse

Греко-киприоты начали массово обращаться за выплатами в Комитет по недвижимости на севере Кипра
12 August 2021 DOM LiVE
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Less than a month ago, the leader of the Turkish Cypriots Ersin Tatar announced that real estate in Varosha, Famagusta in Northern Cyprus will be returned to its owners. Now 336 applications have already been received by unrecognized TRNC from the Greek Cypriots.

All of them expressed a desire to receive compensation for real estate and land in the "ghost town".

This was recently announced by Ersin Tatar, who added that with the opening of Varosha, the Greek Cypriot side "began to see reality."

In an interview with CNN Turk, the Turkish Cypriot leader noted that "the opening of Varosha was carried out with the support of Turkey and President Erdogan." Tatars announced the latest data that a total of 336 people have applied to the Real Estate Committee in the North.

As you may know, earlier Tatar said that Northern Cyprus intends to abolish the military zone in Varosha, which occupies about 3.5% of the territory of the "ghost town", and open this part for refugees from among the Greek Cypriots. The authorities of the Republic of Cyprus strongly opposed the opening of the neighborhood and the sale of real estate by the Greek Cypriots. Nevertheless, as it turned out, many were not stopped by the government's objections.

Tatars also touched upon the deployment of a Turkish armed unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) base in Geçitkale/Lefkoniko. He noted that the region is of strategic importance.

“At a time when all rights in Cyprus are being violated, the UN remains a mere observer. They never interfered, they were silent,” - said the leader of the Turkish Cypriots.

By the way, initially Turkey used its drone base in Northern Cyprus to monitor how its vessels were engaged in illegal exploration of gas and oil in the EEZ of Cyprus, but after modernization, Turkey moved to the base many combat drones, such as Bayraktar-TB2, which previously used against Kurdish armed groups in Iraq, as well as in Syria and Libya.

Tatars also said that the presence of Turkish troops in the northern territories "brought peace." And then he added that "on the day the Turkish troops leave Cyprus, the clashes will resume."

“Peace on the island was established by the Turkish armed forces, not the UN. We will never allow the severing of our ties with Turkey,” said the leader of the Turkish Cypriots.

As for the situation in the eastern Mediterranean, the Turkish leader said that there is a struggle for dominance in this region.

The TRNC is just as dominant here as the Greek side, and we want to say our word as a sovereign state, - summed up the Tatars, adding that "the TRNC has reached its own agreement with Turkey."

Греко-киприоты начали массово обращаться за выплатами в Комитет по недвижимости на севере Кипра

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