These are the "7" who will lose their Cypriot passport

Иностранные инвесторы, у которых планируют аннулировать гражданство Кипра
8 October 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

The Council of Ministers decided yesterday, taking into account the findings of the three-member committee under Dimitra Kalogirou, to initiate the procedure provided by article 113/2 of the law on the Population Record for the revocation of the citizenship they received. 

The seven persons are included in the Ministry of Interior's four files for persons who were naturalized Cypriots with false representations or by concealing important information. These cases include the Malaysian fugitive Joe Lo, who was naturalized as a Cypriot in September 2015. The three-member committee found that the Malaysian acquired Cypriot citizenship with deceit and false evidence, as he is involved in the big scandal of the Malaysian Prime Minister.

Иностранные инвесторы, у которых планируют аннулировать гражданство Кипра

In fact, in the context of the application for naturalization, he also contributed to the Holy Archdiocese. Joe Lo is wanted in his home country for stealing or embezzling about $ 10 billion. Interpol also wants him.

Two other cases of suspension of citizenship concern Mehdi Ebrahimi Eshratabadi (Tony Newman) and Maleksabet Ebrahimi, who are wanted by Interpol. They are a father and a son, who acquired citizenship by presenting forged documents, according to the conclusion of the Kalogiros Committee.

Through their applications, other members of their family acquired Cypriot citizenship. Mehdi Ebrahimi Eshratabadi is of Dominican descent, of Iranian descent, and reportedly presented himself to the Cypriot authorities as Tony Newman and did not reveal that he wanted fraud in Iran.

The revocation procedures decided yesterday also apply to investors from Cambodia. There are Sopheap Choeung, her husband, and the child. She was involved in violence and real estate seizures in Cambodia. 

As recently amended, the Independent Committee will summon the seven persons to express their position by law. The commission will then forward its proposal to the Council of Ministers, which will decide whether it is appropriate to revoke citizenship.

Whom will they control?

In the meantime, the results will be forwarded to the Chief of Police. The police have to investigate the other 12 people and determine if they are wanted for a serious criminal offense punishable by more than five years in prison or another severe crime involving moral indecency or in Europe, either through Europol or globally through Interpol. The Minister of Interior will then inform the Council of Ministers about the results of the Chief's audit, to consider the possibility of initiating a deprivation of citizenship.

These are:

- Zhang Schumin, from China, who received citizenship in 2015. His wife and their three children were naturalized Cypriots. The Chinese authorities want the investor in question for a gold fraud case. It is worth noting that international arrest warrants have been issued for those mentioned above.

Simultaneously, the finding will be sent to the Hellenic Capital Market Commission and the Tax Officer to investigate the issues further. The result is already in the police's hands, on the Attorney General's initiative, who will examine the possible commission of criminal offenses.

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