Foreign Companies Show Increased Interest in Cyprus

Иностранные компании проявляют повышенный интерес к Кипру
1 December 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

The efforts of the Government of Cyprus to attract large foreign organizations to the country are not in vain.

More and more companies are choosing the island as a location for their headquarters. Among the largest companies represented in Cyprus are Murex, Amdocs, Wargaming, eToro, 3CX, NCR. Soon there will be even more of them.

On Monday, November 30, Eurisko Mobility announced the opening of a new office in Cyprus.

According to the company's CEO Edgard Hanna Tawk, about 50 employees from Lebanon will be relocated to the island at the initial stage. At the same time, Eurisko Mobility has promising investment plans for Cyprus, as it intends to launch its new startup called Hiverse.

By the way, Eurisko Mobility will offer other organizations a turnkey collaboration platform that will help maintain a healthy organizational structure and increase employee engagement in all areas.

Cyprus is a beautiful island with a stable and promising economy. In addition, it is located near Lebanon, where most of our engineers are based. This is a great option to enter the European market, as well as to attract new talents. There is no doubt that thanks to the support of government agencies such as Invest Cyprus, Cyprus will become a key technological center of the entire region. We are also very pleased with the Fast Track mechanism, which allows us to move our team members to Cyprus as soon as possible, said the head of Eurisko Mobility.

In turn, the Invest Cyprus state agency, which is leading the efforts to attract foreign investment to Cyprus, welcomed the decision of Eurisko Mobility to open its office on the island. Marios Tannousis, Deputy CEO of Invest Cyprus, noted that Eurisko Mobility's decision reflects Cyprus' growing status as a technology destination in Europe and its economic sustainability during the pandemic.

It is worth noting that today Eurisko Mobility offices are located in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE and the USA.

The main activity of the company is the development of digital transformation strategies for business. In addition, Eurisko Mobility is actively involved in the development of mobile applications for iOS and Android, as well as computer games. In addition, the firm operates in the FinTech sector, covering segments from mobile and Internet banking to artificial intelligence, personal finance management and real-time currency trading.

'We hope that this is another step towards promoting our country as an ideal location for the headquarters of FinTech and IT companies. We are confident that the recently announced government strategy to attract more international companies to the country will increase the attractiveness of Cyprus. The benefits for the economy of our country are obvious,' Tannousis stressed.

Иностранные компании проявляют повышенный интерес к Кипру

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