EU Digital Covid Certificate In Use By Cyprus

На Кипре начали действовать COVID-сертификаты
1 July 2021 DOM LiVE

On July 1, new COVID certificates began to operate in Cyprus, as well as in the entire EU.

The certificates should facilitate travel for tourists amid the coronavirus pandemic.

You can get a COVID certificate in three cases: if you have a document on vaccination against coronavirus, a negative test, or a document confirming recovery from an illness.

A covid certificate is issued for all vaccinations given in the EU, regardless of the drug. Another issue is recognition.

Cyprus currently hosts tourists with the following vaccines:

  • Janssen / Johnson & Johnson,
  • Vaxzervia (AstraZeneca),
  • Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine,
  • Moderna Vaccine,
  • Sputnik (Gam-COVID-Vac),
  • Sinopharm (BBIBPCOVID-19) Vaccine.

It is worth considering that people infected with coronavirus can receive a certificate at least 14 days after the first positive PCR test. It is valid for 180 days. In Cyprus, they accept certificates of recovery issued only by the countries of the European Union, the EEA and Switzerland.

The COVID certificate is valid in 31 countries: the 27 countries of the European Union, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, which are not members of the EU, but are part of the Schengen area. By the way, seven countries have not yet joined the unified certificate verification system, but they are technically ready for this. They were given a transition period until August 12 to finally introduce the innovations.

The certificate can be obtained in both digital and paper form. In the first case, to use it, you need to download an application. Each EU or Schengen country creates its own program for this.

In Cyprus, there is To get access to the digital certificate, you need to complete only 4 steps:

  1. select the type of certificate,
  2. fill in personal data,
  3. insert the OTP (One Time Password) sent to the mobile phone,
  4. download and / or print your certificate.

By the way, the main element of the certificate is the QR code. By scanning it, authorized persons can check if the certificate is fake. The European Commission has created a portal through which countries exchange keys to verify the authenticity of QR codes.

People living outside the EU can also obtain a COVID certificate.

Citizens of third countries, for example, Russia, Ukraine or Belarus, also have the right to do so. But for this, they will first need to legally enter the EU. At the border, they provide proof of vaccination or test obtained at home. Which confirmation to recognize, decides each EU or Schengen state. And already on the territory of the European Union, they can apply for a European certificate. Whether to issue it or not is also up to the authorities of each country.

There is also another option.

EU regulations provide for the recognition of digital certificates issued by third countries. For this, the system of their issuance must be compatible with the European one. The European Commission checks this compatibility.

Thus, the Ukrainian government began a dialogue with Brussels on the mutual recognition of certificates in April. And from July 1, beta testing of digital vaccination certificates was launched in the country. Russia has not yet made requests to the European Commission to recognize the equivalence of certificates.

На Кипре начали действовать COVID-сертификаты

The main thing to know is that a certificate is not a prerequisite for traveling in Europe, but makes it easier.

In other words, if a person has such a certificate, this does not mean that they can travel without any restrictions. It all depends on the rules in each individual country or region. If local authorities, for example, remove any restrictions on fully vaccinated residents of their country, the same rules should apply to citizens of other countries with a coronavirus vaccination certificate.

On Tuesday, June 30, it became known that the presence of the EU COVID-certificate, although it will facilitate movement in the countries of the community, will not be a reason to weaken control at Cypriot airports.

Because of the increase in the incidence of COVID-19 in Cyprus and in particular the spread of a new dangerous delta strain, Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos said that upon arrival in Cyprus, passengers will now need to take an express test. Vaccinated and recovered travelers will be excluded from mandatory rapid testing, but they may also be asked to undergo random testing at the expense of the government.

As before, Cyprus will have a country color classification, as well as the compulsory receipt of the CyprusFlightPass 48 hours before departure.
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