The construction of Ayia Napa Marina continues at an accelerated pace in Cyprus

На Кипре ускоренными темпами продолжается строительство Марины Айя-Напы
23 November 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

Despite the COVID-19, the construction of a new Marina continues at an accelerated pace in Ayia Napa. The developer places particular emphasis on the commercial and residential areas of ​​the project.

Since the recent quarantine has made certain adjustments to the plans of MM Makronisos Marina Ltd, now all efforts are directed to this part of the port.

According to General Director Stavros Karamontanis, every effort is being made to ensure that the first tenants receive the keys to new villas and apartments in early June 2021.

The first stage of construction of the new Ayia Napa Marina was completed in November 2019. A Marina has been added to the Ayia Napa Marina. The pilot phase of the marina operation lasted until May 2020, with individual vessels accommodated there. From June 1, the Marina opened as usual and accepted boats of all types.

However, the coronavirus pandemic has brought great shocks. The developer experienced delays during construction. Due to the protracted quarantine, Marina's completion date's commercial part had to be shifted from the summer of 2020 to the summer of 2021. Therefore, appropriate adjustments were made, and it was decided to carry out parallel work with the construction of the residential sector to show clients that MM Makronisos Marina Ltd keeps its word and is doing everything possible so that by the summer of 2021, the first clients can move into the villas. Also, the company faced a problem communicating with clients who would like to see the project live. The developer had to adjust to the current realities quickly.

Despite the challenges that we have all had to face both in Cyprus and abroad due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Ayia Napa marina's opening was a success. This year we managed to receive 120 boats. There are plans to accept ships for year-round berthing and vessels arriving from other marinas in Cyprus or abroad. Regarding the next stages of the project, paying particular attention to our human resources' health and safety and observing all the necessary measures, we continue to work in Ayia Napa harbor, emphasizing the commercial and residential areas, said Karamontanis.

Karamontanis stressed that international ambiguity and tensions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak had influenced the approach to planning and development of investments and, of course, the sale of real estate in the new Marina.

However, almost all of the East Tower apartments have been sold - only a few units remain. As for the western tower, the developer is still considering the most appropriate time to promote and start sales.

The recent crisis has triggered a need to rethink our plans and have forced us to introduce new ways of interacting with our customers, focusing on what technology and digital communications offer us. It should be noted that nautical tourism continues to grow in popularity, and we remain optimistic about Ayia Napa's Marina. Let's not forget that this project will become a wonderful and attractive place for life and entertainment and an example of a new creative lifestyle, close to the sea and fresh air. The perfect combination of functionality, safety, and luxury comfort. It is this concept that we are promoting among our international and local buyers, continued Karamontanis.

На Кипре ускоренными темпами продолжается строительство Марины Айя-Напы

Finally, Karamontanis mentioned that the cancellation of the investment program affected the entire Cypriot economy.

We are particularly worried that instead of seeing mobility from the respective ministries in announcing targeted incentives to support the economy as a whole, we feel apathy. For example, I wonder if the competent tourism ministry, which owns the marina projects, has realized the scale of the problem. Due to the nature of the project, its position, and targeting, there is no exclusive dependence on the program, as our clients are mainly investors. These people are attracted by the marina's lifestyle, as well as Cypriots who are in search of prestigious housing by the sea. I find the cancellation of the Citizenship by Investment program extremely unpleasant. A new program with new, more stringent procedures should facilitate the smooth flow of new investment through incentives that must have a beginning and an end. It is necessary to immediately stop all this noise and design a solid face for the Cypriot economy with clear perspectives and transparent procedures, summed up the CEO of MM Makronisos Marina Ltd.

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