CYCLOPS Nearing Completion in Larnaca

В Ларнаке близится к завершению строительство CYCLOPS
21 October 2021 DOM LiVE

The construction of a new CYCLOPS training center is nearing completion in Larnaca.

According to the schedule, the The Cyprus Center for Land, Open-seas, and Port Security will open its doors in the first half of 2022.

On Thursday, October 21, the US Ambassador to Cyprus Judith Garber handed over the first part of the equipment necessary for training to the representatives of the center: 26 laptops, peripherals, network equipment, as well as related software.

The event was attended by the Commissioner of Communications George Michaelides, Political Affairs Specialist of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Evangelos Savva and the official representative of the Ministry of Defense Symeon Zambas.

Mikhailidis stressed the importance of CYCLOPS as a learning platform for active collaboration at national, regional and international levels. He thanked the US government for its support and expressed readiness to further strengthen bilateral cooperation and regional cooperation in the field of cybersecurity.

As you may know, CYCLOPS is being built within the framework of the tasks outlined in the memorandum of understanding between the US and Cyprus, with the aim of further cooperation in the field of defense. It was signed in September 2020 by the countries during the visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to the island. At the same time, it took about 2.5 years to approve the construction.

A training center of ​​1295 m2 is being built in Larnaca. The land was allocated by the government of Cyprus. The US government has pledged to cover all costs for the construction of the new training center, as well as the improvement of the surrounding area, provide equipment, instructors and other support.

According to the release, the building will have: offices, classrooms, laboratory, auxiliary rooms, reception, cafeteria, security post. In addition, the development plan includes a spacious open-air parking and a park. Photovoltaic panels will be installed on the roof of the building. The training center will be designed for a total of 100 people.

В Ларнаке близится к завершению строительство CYCLOPS

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