Construction of the Eleonas Complex Begins in Nicosia

В Никосии начинается строительство нового современного комплекса Eleonas
29 March 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

Construction of a new project called Eleonas begins in the capital of Cyprus.

The modern complex is expected to appear in one of the most promising areas of Nicosia, next to the private European University Cyprus.

The building will have five floors, each of which will house studios, as well as 1- and 2-room apartments. A spacious parking lot is also provided for the residents of the complex.

This project was developed by the EPITESERA ARCHITEKTONES architectural bureau and will be built by Cythera Developments.

It is worth noting that in addition to the Eleonas complex, the developer is currently constructing an impressive 12-story high-rise building in front of the Presidential Palace.

According to the project, the Severi building will be used as a business center. The new metropolitan skyscraper, which will become the hallmark of Nicosia, was developed by the architectural bureau C. Kythreotis and Associates.

According to the idea, the building will be a tower resembling an elegant sculpture, the main feature of which will be the reflection of light on the moving aluminum blinds. The total area of ​​the skyscraper is 4300 m2. The project involves the construction of a 3-level underground parking for employees with 105 parking spots.

В Никосии начинается строительство нового современного комплекса Eleonas

Cythera Developments is also currently promoting the Prevezis project, which is expected to appear in the heart of Nicosia's shopping center, on the road that connects Cleopatra Hotel to Stasikratous Street. By the way, the building is designed as a residential complex with 1- and 2-bedroom apartments, as well as with the possibility of using the ground floor for commercial purposes.

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