New Luxury Сomplex in Larnaca Ready for Commissioning in 2 Months

В Ларнаке заканчивается строительство нового элитного комплекса
23 December 2021 Maria Markovna

The construction of Elite 176, a new luxury residential complex is coming to an end in Larnaca. The keys will be given to the buyers in two months, in February 2022.

The building is located in the elite area of Mackenzie, on the border with Skala, near the old part of the city.

Elite 176 is located in an area, which has now begun to be built up. Just a few dozen meters away, there are fields which are impossible to use for constructing, since the plots here are of Turkish Cypriots. This means that the area will not be overloaded with new projects, and residents of the upper floors will be able to enjoy the views from different angles even after all project in this area are completed.

As for the views. There are amazing views from each room, from the veranda and roof garden as this is one of the main advantages of Elite 176. The best views in the city!

On one side, there will be a stunning view of the Salt Lake (Aliki) of Larnaca. As already mentioned, neighboring new buildings will not obstruct it.

It is one of the two largest and most famous salt lakes of the island.

In summer, it completely dries up, turning into a multi-kilometer desert of salt. In winter, it turns into a pink lake, as flocks of flamingos arrive here from Europe and Asia! Another picturesque view is of the Mediterranean Sea.

Oroklini hills, part of the coastal Larnaca, as well as the new marina will be visible from the upper floors of the apartments.

At the moment, all apartments in the new complex have already been sold out, except for the penthouse, which will occupy the entire upper floor, as well as have a private roof garden.

The owners of an elite penthouse for Larnaca will have a large modern open-plan kitchen turning into a dining room and a large veranda. Amazing views of the surrounding nature will be seen from the veranda, and there will also be a small staircase to the roof garden. It will also be possible to go up to the roof by elevator, and that can be important for residents and guests with disabilities," - says Fouad Matar, head of the Elite Island Properties, which is engaged in the construction of the complex.

The penthouse will consist of three bedrooms with en-suit bathrooms, a guest toilet, a laundry room, a veranda and a big roof garden. The living room will have a multi-split type air conditioner, as well as gypsum board and indirect light. The restrooms will have wall-hung toilets and concealed water tanks. All materials used in the complex are of European origin and of the highest quality.

В Ларнаке заканчивается строительство нового элитного комплекса

Why the area of Mackenzie?

Mackenzie is the most prospective location in the city due to several factors.

Firstly, almost all the buildings here are no older than 20 years. Especially this area as residential buildings are being built here only now.

Secondly, it is the closest area to Larnaca Airport, the main hub of the island. It is only 5 minutes by car or 10 minutes by bus from Elite 176.

Thirdly, the famous Larnaca embankment begins here. As you may know, it will be as long as 14 kilometers in the coming decades. Therefore, real estate in this neighborhood will be more expensive. After all, local developers are sure that the future belongs to Larnaca.

If you want to purchase this penthouse, then contact DOM specialists at the office in Larnaca. They will be happy to help you choose the most promising housing on Mackenzie, or in any other city in Cyprus.
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