Playground for Children with Special Needs Opens in Limassol

В Лимассоле открылась инклюзивная площадка для детей
20 August 2021 DOM LiVE
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The share of people with disabilities is constantly growing in the world. Cyprus is no exception.

Now goverments and society choose tolerance and social responsibility regarding these groups of people.

From this point of view, Cyprus stands out and occupies, perhaps, a leading position in Europe in terms of the comfort of residing in the country if you are people with special needs.

The general mood in the island's society is traditionally characterized by humanism. The island's authorities are making unprecedented efforts to create a comfortable environment for people with disabilities: freedom of movement, the opportunity to play sports, participate in recreational activities, visit monuments of historical and cultural heritage and just live thanks to the professional care of specialized medical institutions.

В Лимассоле открылась инклюзивная площадка для детей

Special attention is paid to children.

For example, Ephorate School in Limassol recently created a beautiful playground for children with disabilities, offering them a place where they can play and have fun without feeling isolated from their peers.

A new playground for disabled children has been equipped in the city center, next to the Laniteio sports center. It is open daily from 8 am to 10 pm.

Now the city has a playground with swings and other elements adapted for children with disabilities. The authors of the project installed a traumatic street covering and play equipment, fenced off the territory of the playground from all sides.

A big problem for children with disabilities is the lack of modern outdoor playgrounds that would take into account the characteristics of these children. Not every special child can ride a slide and easily climb on a swing along with a regular children. Our task is not to disregard such children. They have equal rights with their peers. Therefore, we are obliged to make every effort to create a comfortable environment for them, - said the director of the Ephorate school in Limassol, Dinos Ellinas.

It is worth noting that in addition to a new playground for disabled children, a multifunctional complex has been equipped on the same territory, where children under 12 can have fun.

Ellinas emphasized that the inclusive playground will become not only a place of recreation for children with disabilities, it will provide an opportunity for all local children to adapt socially, accept each other as they are, and make friends.

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