Turtle Museum to Appear in Cyprus

На Кипре появится музей черепах
20 July 2021 DOM LiVE
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The first turtle museum will appear in Cyprus. It will be opened in the village of Inia in the Paphos region, 10 km from Polis.

According to the statement of the mayor of the community, Yiangos Tsivikos, the cost of the project is estimated at €400 thousand. The required amount has already been found - it will be allocated from European funds through the EU Structural Funds.

A building on the Inia central square was allocated for the opening of the museum, the square was restored in September 2015. Tsivikos noted that soon work will begin on the creation of the appropriate interior and the purchase of special equipment.

Since for decades the Lara turtles were the main reason that we could not develop our surroundings, it was decided to find an alternative to benefit from their habitat for the benefit of the residents of the area. The premises have already been built, which will soon be transformed into a museum of turtles, as part of the reconstruction of the central square of the village, which has been completed. It remains to make internal redevelopment and repairs, as well as purchase and install special equipment, - said Tsivikos.

According to the release, the exhibits will be located in two rooms with a total area of ​​150 m2.

The first turtle museum in Cyprus will not only present an exhibition about the life history of these animals on the island, but will also become an educational center. Within the walls of the museum will be held lectures, seminars and scientific meetings dedicated to the protection of turtles on the island. The classes will be able to be attended not only by groups of tourists, but also by schoolchildren.

The creation of the museum space is the final stage in the reconstruction of the central square of the village. Jagos Tsivikos stressed that the project, with a total value of about 1.3 million euros, was co-financed by state and European funds and includes landscaping, street paving, the construction of an amphitheater, library, information office and a kiosk.

На Кипре откроют Музей черепах

As you may know, turtles have long settled in Cyprus, their favorite place is Lara beach in the Paphos region. They come here every year to lay their eggs in the coarse sea sand.

There are two species on the island: the green sea turtle (lat. Chelonia mydas) and the loggerhead sea turtle (lat. Caretta caretta).

Unfortunately, these incredibly beautiful and intelligent animals are endangered - all species of sea turtles are listed in the Red Book. The green turtle is the largest of the marine reptiles with a hard greenish-black shell and a cream-colored neck. It grows up to 1.5-1.7 m, and weighs 100-400 kg. The average lifespan of the Green Turtle does not exceed 100 years. Adults of the Loggerhead are slightly smaller - up to 1 m, while weighing almost 100 kg. They live up to 70 years.

На Кипре появится музей черепах

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