Archery Range and Skate Park to Appear in Paphos

В Пафосе появится парк с лучным тиром и скейтодромом
6 December 2021 DOM LiVE

On Monday, December 6, the Cyprus Department of Environment approved the construction of a new linear park in Peyia, Paphos.

The project budget is estimated at 500 thousand euros.

According to the release, a playground, an archery center, a skateboard track, a geological park, a spacious parking lot and green areas will be equipped on the state land (15,310 m2), along the riverbed of Xeropotamos. As part of the project, the city is also upgrading the historic Exakamaro Bridge.

The main goal is to create a public space that will become a place of attraction for residents and visitors of this region. It is expected that during the summer season, the park will receive about 100 visitors daily, taking into account typical seasonal percentage fluctuations depending on the occupancy of local hotels.

В Пафосе появится парк с лучным тиром и скейтодромом

As you may know, a "Flower Park" is currently being actively built in Paphos, which will include:

  1. cafe,
  2. skatepark,
  3. tennis court,
  4. botanical garden,
  5. climbing wall, 3.6 meters high,
  6. basketball court,
  7. children's playground,
  8. a small football field,
  9. several small squares,
  10. open-air exhibition space,
  11. sanitary zone,
  12. parking for 83 cars, including for people with disabilities.

In addition, it is planned to createin Paphos two parks to the west and east of the city center, with a length of 14.5 km. Together with the coastal path, both parks will create an excellent opportunity for residents and guests of the city to walk and enjoy the sea and nature.

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