Сompany Real Chester Group

General information:

City: Limassol
Year of construction: 2000
Objects count: 6
Direction of development : Elite , Houses , Apartments , Commercial property


Real Chester Group is a real estate development company with more than 20 years of experience in the international real estate market, as well as in Cyprus. In a competitive environment related to real estate, Real Chester Group strives to meet customer expectations, secure successful partnerships, adequately explore opportunities and provide financial benefits.

Real Chester Group Cyprus strategically invests its capital only in promising projects of prestigious residential and commercial real estate, due to this it has an impressive reputation. When developing all projects, all the company's core values are taken into account: modern construction, high-quality materials and luxurious chic.

The founder of Real Chester Group Cyprus since 1994 as a managing partner in a consulting company, specialized in business plans and premium evaluation of successful real estate projects for leading developments. In addition to his particular dedication to ambitious real estate projects, his nimble ingenuity usually motivated him to work for high-tech companies specializing in online advertising applications using data mining technologies. From 2000 to the present day, he has effectively been a local owner and an active partner in various real estate projects strategically located in Cyprus.

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№ 32958
Platinum 77
Limassol / Zakaki
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Компания «Dom Real Estate» Контакты:
Адрес: Limassol, Cyprus,
Телефон:+357 25 212 212, Электронная почта: info@dom.com.cy