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City: Limassol
Year of construction: 1997


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Antreli is a real estate development company located in Limassol, Cyprus since 1997, mainly dedicated to the development of luxury properties.

The company name (Antreli) comes from our twin daughters ANTRiana and ELIsabeth, who not only inspires the name of the company but also the way we run it; With care and devotion, we attend to our company as we do for our daughters. We execute our projects with the same diligence.

At Antreli, we believe that everything we do in life requires excellence in order to be successful.

As a company, our specialty is to establish good interpersonal relationships with our customers before starting to build a project, which must be based on genuine mutual understanding.

Buying a real estate is not an easy decision, so before buying a new land for construction, we will always stand in the position of the customer and make multiple considerations. We keep in mind three important aspects for potential customers.

Location - Design - Value

With years of experience, we have transformed from a small, regional real estate development company to a large-scale real estate development company facing the international market demand. The successful transformation is based on the company's good management, professional team spirit, and the trust and support of customers.

In Limassol, with years of experience, we have transformed ANTRELI Company from a small business into today’s successful enterprise with international clientele. Our success comes from good management, professionalism and trustworthiness. Our friendly team of experts will promptly meet your consultation on the projects and answer any questions.

Our projects are designed and built according to the latest architectural trends, combining high-quality materials at the highest standards, and always adopting the latest methods for every project we carry out.

Our primary task is to provide high-quality, unique structure to meet the needs of various customers. If our customers are from abroad, we can also provide more personalized and perfect after-sales service.

We firmly believe that if any developing company is just to make a one-time transaction with its customers and does not care about the follow-up, it must have no future. The follow-up of buying a house, especially for foreigners, can be challenging, but Antreli will provide our clients with hands-on services tailored to their needs.

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Tatyana Kovalsky
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Tatyana Kovalsky
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