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20 June 2020

Types of Cyprus visas for non-Europeans

Purpose and terms of stay - the type of visa depends on this. Someone needs a tourist visa, while others should get an immigrant visa.

Tourist visas to Cyprus for third country nationals

Most foreigners need to have a visa to visit Cyprus even for the purpose of tourism. It can be:

  • double or multiple entry Schengen visa
  • double or multiple entry visa for Bulgaria, Croatia or Romania
  • Residence permit or permanent residence in a EU country, except for Great Britain and Ireland
  • national visa of the Republic of Cyprus.

Citizens of some countries (such as the US, UK, Ukraine or Canada) don't need visas. Others (Russias) can get online free pro-visa.

Since 2017, citizens of Ukraine have the right to visa-free entry to EU countries, including the island of Cyprus, using a biometric passport.

Even if you don't need a visa, it is better to have proof of income, reservation / rental of housing in Cyprus, a return ticket.

Temporary residence permit in Cyprus (Pink Slip)

The stay in Cyprus can be extended by obtaining a temporary residence permit. It also has the old name - pink slip.

There are several types of temporary visa:

  • Visitor (no right to work on the island and the applicant must confirm stable legal income abroad) is valid for a year, can be renewed.
  • Worker is issued by the employer who has the right to hire foreigners, the period is determined by the duration of the contract
  • Student is issued by an educational institution when a student is enrolled in a Cypriot university.

To obtain any of the listed visas, you will need the following documents:

  • Cypriot bank account and bank guarantee . In the case of a Visitor visa, the account must receive money from abroad (for example 10 thousand euros per year per person)
  • Passport valid for at least 3 months from the date of application. Copies of pages are required
  • Health insurance, the cost will average from 150 to 500 euros per year
  • Confirmation that the resident has a place to live. This is a title deed or a long-term lease agreement, certified by a notary and the Tax Department (or local mukhtar).
  • Completed MVIS3 form
  • Marriage or birth certificates of children, if the resident is a family person
  • Receipt for payment of the state duty (the amount depends on the primary stay on the island).
  • The applicant must legally arrive in Cyprus.

The residence permit is extended at the migration department in Nicosia or another city in Cyprus in an unoccupied territory. For renewal, you need all the same documents. The cost of the state duty for renewal is lower.

Long-term residence permit in Cyprus

If you want to get a long-term residence permit, it is better to purchase real estate in Cyprus or live on the island for 5 years. A simple and comfortable way is to buy a house or apartment in Cyprus at a cost of 300 thousand euros or more. For this amount, you can buy a spacious house in the suburbs or an apartment closer to the center.

Of course, housing prices in Cyprus depend on the class of real estate, its proximity to the sea and the city center. The most expensive, but also the most convenient for year-round living are Limassol and Paphos.

A foreigner who buys real estate from 300 thousand euros receives the right to apply for permanent residence. Then, if desired, later they are able to obtain Cypriot citizenship.

What a Long-term residence permit gives to its owner:

  • exemption from permanent renewal of a residence permit as a long term permit is issued only once and is automatically extended
  • the right to live in Cyprus, own property and travel abroad (but not leave the island for more than 2 years, otherwise the visa is canceled)
  • bring relatives, if the applicant (relatives) has sufficient income
  • you can obtain other EU tourist visas on Cyprus.

Important: Long term permit does not give its holder the right to work on the island. The exception is businessmen and shareholders who create jobs in Cyprus and thereby help the economy. All others must receive income for the living of the family from abroad.

Conditions for quickly obtaining a long-term residence permit in Cyprus (when buying real estate from 300,000 euros):

  • you need to use your personal savings to buy property as a mortgage in a Cypriot bank is not allowed (you can take a loan only in your home country)
  • EUR 200 thousand must be paid immediately
  • the applicant should not have a criminal record, neither in the country of residence, nor in Cyprus, it is better to exclude even car fines on the island
  • the applicant must have an account in a Cypriot bank with a reserve of EUR 30 thousand, the money can be withdrawn 3 years after living on the island
  • the applicant must earn at least EUR 30 thousand per year, for dependents (spouses, children under 25, unmarried) - 5 thousand euros per year, for parents (special category of dependents) - 8 thousand euros per year.

You can get a Long-term residence permit without a fast program:

  • buy real estate in Cyprus for less than 300 thousand euros or legally live on the island for at least 5 years
  • receive income from employment of at least 20,504 euros per year
  • have no criminal record at home and on the island
  • confirm that you have been on the island within the last year (except for 2 weeks).

Permanent residence is the most convenient visa for those who live in Cyprus and receive passive income, as well as conduct business anywhere in the world. The only disadvantage is that before receiving it, you will have to spend a whole year on the island almost without a break. It is allowed to leave the Republic of Cyprus for only 2 weeks.

Immigrant Visa for a Spouse in Cyprus

If you marry a EU citizen, you can live on Cyprus. To do this, you need to apply for a residence permit immediately after marriage.

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