Top 10 of the most unusual buildings in the word

Топ-10 самых необычных зданий мира
15 February 2021 Irina Zholnirova

Modern architecture often strives not only for beauty, but also for unusualness. There are more than 10 amazing buildings to be found around the world. There are hundreds of them! But we have selected only the craziest projects for you. And the most interesting is that half of them are completely residential buildings!

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain

One of the most famous museums in the world with a non-standard form and impressive architecture. Its author is Frank Gehry, who built this miracle in the style of deconstructivism.

Even if you do not know what deconstructivism is, then just take a look at the museum, you can immediately understand everything. There is no clear geometry, only smooth and curved lines, metallic sheen and glass.

Tourists often take pictures of the building when they see it on the street, but they usually do not go inside. Art exhibitions are also presented here, but the main topics are electronics, robotics and high-tech installations. In a word, the XXI century.

Central Library in Kansas City, USA

It is so joyful to see that the building is... a row of books! For example, there is a house-shoe, a house-dog, a house-airship in the world... But why are they like that? Nobody knows. Probably just an architect's idea?

But the central library in Kansas City is different. It is designed as a bookshelf. The steps of the main entrance are also "books", and inside the library there are pillars made of books. In general, books, books, books are everywhere!

The names of the giant books on the facade (7 meters high) were chosen by local residents voting. So, among the books on the Kansas city's history, there are also the immortal classics: "The Lord of the Rings" by Tolkien, "451 degrees Fahrenheit" by Bradbury, "Romeo and Juliet" by Shakespeare, "100 Years of Solitude" by Marquez and so on.

House-basket in Newark, USA

Yes, another building in the form of a thing. Why basket? It's simple, the Longaberger company, which ordered the building construction, produced baskets.

The customers were discouraged for a long time from construction. They were suggested to build a typical office center, but they did not give up. As a result, the architect Nikolina Georgievsha brought his idea to life!

The building immediately became a tourist attraction as it was surrounded by a beautiful garden-park. And in the evenings, the entire complex is illuminated inside and outside. It looks incredibly beautiful!

Lotus Temple in New Delhi, India

This magnificent building is beautiful both spiritual and physical. The physical part is clear as the temple was erected in the form of a lotus, and there is an incredibly beautiful park with pools and flowers around it. The building looks great both from the ground and from the air.

The spiritual aspect is no less interesting. The Lotus Temple is a Baha'i temple. And Bahaism assumes that God is one for all, that the division into confessions was invented by people and is based on the coming of the prophets. So, Christians have their prophet, Jesus Christ, Muslims have Muhammad, Buddhists prefer Siddhartha Gautama... But God, who sent all these prophets to earth, according to the Bahá'í religion, is one.

This means that anyone can freely visit the Lotus Temple! There are no restrictions on religion, race or gender. Therefore, tourists flow to the temple like a river in the literal sense: in the season, there is a stream of people!

Stone house in Fafe, Portugal

The history of this house is both tragic and funny. The engineer Victor Rodriguez adored the north of Portugal and really wanted to build a summer house there. Not for planting a garden, but for relaxing with his family in a quiet place surrounded by nature.

Rodriguez built an unusual house from solid boulders more than 5 meters in height. That is why it has two stories. Thanks to modern technology, the stone house has got asymmetrical windows, a funny door and a porch.

The engineer did not conduct electricity and other benefits of civilization. Obviously, the house was conceived as an eco-cottage. But with such an unusual structure, everything did not go according to plan.

Tourists literally besieged the stone house. It quickly became a tourist attraction, and every visitor took pictures of the house and even asked to go inside to see how the owners played up the interior.

As a result, Rodriguez got tired of it, they stopped living in the house. The owners boarded up the door and installed unbreakable glass so that the tourists would not come inside. Nowadays Rodriguez only occasionally visit the house, but tourists travel from afar to take pictures of this unusual structure.

Cubic houses in Rotterdam and Helmond, Netherlands

Architect Pete Blom did his best. He managed to create extraordinary cubic houses and make them the hallmarks of these cities. The most interesting thing is that the cubes are residential apartments, and the gaps between them are occupied by retail outlets and cafes.

Inside the house, the cubes are no less unusual. They have three tiers and a total area of 100 square meters. The usable area is much less, because of the strongly inclined walls and ceilings. But there are many panoramic windows.

Tourists can look at the miracle of architecture both outside and inside. There is the Stayokay Rotterdam Hostel and a furnished museum. It clearly shows how a residential apartment in a cubic house might look like.

Piano House in Huainan, China

In English, the house is called Piano House, although the building has two instruments: a grand piano and a violin (or cello?). Why the second was undeservedly not mentioned is still unknown.

The building is a real masterpiece. It is easy to guess that the glass violin is a lift, while the piano has a large and open area.

Only the 'contents' of the building do not correspond to its shape in any way! In fact, the Piano House is an exhibition hall dedicated to the city of Huainan. However, this does not scare off tourists as they are ready to visit the Royal House both day and evening. In the evening, by the way, the building is beautifully illuminated and turns into a real art object.

Residential complex "Reversible-Destiny Lofts" in Tokyo, Japan

The very idea of the house is a philosophy that was developed by the architect Shusaku Arakawa and the poet Madeleine Jeans.

The philosophy is as follows: you can defeat old age and even death, if you constantly challenge fate and ordinary, everyday things. Therefore, the "Lofts" with 9 apartments are made not only bright and unusual, but super-inconvenient for living!

For example, the floor there is uneven, doorways of different sizes, and not all can be walked in full height. The outlets hang in disarray, the toilet still needs to be looked for. Simple and daily tasks turn into a whole quest!

However, the idea only sounds crazy, as in fact there are many similar techniques in the world. They are aimed at ensuring that the brain does not stagnate, and the person does not become old and does not have dementia. Therefore, expensive "attic" apartments in Tokyo are popular.

Hang Nga Hotel in Dalat, Vietnam

This surreal-style hotel is also called the Crazy House, which means "The Crazy House". The name is justified as the house does not have the usual geometric forms and generally resembles bizarre caves.

But in reality the hotel is the work of a clever woman. It was designed by the architect Dang Viet Nga, who graduated from a university in Russia. With her creation she wanted to show that the beauty of nature is underestimated in our time, and often is completely destroyed.

Tourists can take a guided tour of the hotel as a group or as a private tourist. It costs about $2-5. And for $35 you can rent a room! Each of which, by the way, is thematically decorated. The most popular is the pumpkin room, where you can burn firewood all night in a pumpkin stove.

Tianzi Hotel in Langfang, China

This hotel is recognized as the largest house-sculpture in the world and for this reason is listed in the Guinness Records. Its name translates to "Son of Heaven," although the 10-story sculptures depicted are Chinese gods of fortune named Fu, Lu and Shou.

You can rent rooms in an unusual hotel, including suites. One is on the 9th floor, and the second is in a round "peach" held by the god Shaw.

A nice bonus: there is a beautiful park in front of the Tianzi hotel, where you can take a walk and relax, as well as take a few photos for memory!

Bonus Object 1: Oval in Limassol

Cyprus lately has not lagged behind the whole world. The island is being actively built up with skyscrapers. Cypriots try to make each building not only tall, but also unusual.

This is also the case for the Oval, which stands proudly practically in the center of Limassol. It may not be the highest ( as it has only 16 floors), but it is definitely the most noticeable.

Inside are offices and conference rooms, and under the roof is an open garden. The upper floors offer an indescribable sea view! It's funny that some of the townspeople like Oval, while others hate it.

Bonus Object 2: White Walls Skyscraper in Nicosia

Another building famous for its architectural idea. It was built in the capital of Nicosia. The 18-storey building immediately gained worldwide recognition. It has several names. Architect Jean Nouvel gave it the name Tower 25, although everyone calls it White Walls.

The building is really very beautiful. The dazzling white building is adorned with pixelated windows with greenery! It looks very aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. In the evenings, the balconies are illuminated with neon blue light.

The building houses the Wargaming headquarters and also houses the residential apartments. The view from them opens onto the heart of Nicosia and its famous Venetian walls.

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