Tower 25 - the most beautiful building in Cyprus

Tower 25 - одно из самых красивых зданий Кипра
19 June 2020 DOM LiVE

The most beautiful building in Cyprus is located in the capital of the island - Nicosia.

I must say, Nicosia does not indulge its inhabitants with architectural delights. Any provincial Italian, French or German town will give a hundred-fold forums to the capital of Cyprus. Most buildings are boring and monotonous, some are frankly unaesthetic.

Tower 25, also known as the White Walls (White Walls).

Tower 25, as well as with other outstanding buildings - Wargaming's headquarters has become the “hallmark” of the city. However, judge for yourself.

Tower 25 by Jean Nouvel

Just the facts:

  • Building height - 67 meters
  • Tower 25 is the fifth tallest building in Cyprus
  • 18 floors and underground parking on three levels
  • The construction of the building was completed in 2013.
  • The project cost is 25 million euros
  • All apartments were sold before construction began.
  • Architects: Jean Nouvel, Takis Sophocleous Architects
  • Developer: Good day
  • Lead Contractor: Lois Builders.

Tower 25 by Jean Nouvel

Earlier building. From a long time it looks like a parallelepiped made of perforated white marble with a pothole from the slots of the green sky against the background of the bright blue sky. This is called "vertical terrain." Mediterranean vegetation creates an enchanting colour contrast and boils a white building.

Tower 25 by Jean Nouvel

The creator of Tower 25, Jean Nouvel, calls his brainchild "a natural sunny breeze." The southern facade of the building seems to “splash out” plants that tend to the sun and light. This creates an incredible effect.

Tower 25 by Jean Nouvel

The snow-white walls and eastern sides of the building are pierced with square holes, as it were, scattered across the surface, forming geometric shapes and fascinating asymmetrical pixel patterns, also filled with beautiful living plants.

Tower 25 by Jean Nouvel

All you need is natural shields and sunrays.

The northern facade is designed in a minimalist style - here minimalism came to the forefront: balconies are the length of the entire facade, strict lines and all the same snow-white facing material. The width and depth of the balconies is gradually changing, and this creates the illusion that the building is not static, but that which expands is what is happening, the effect of movement and sliding. The building seems to be breathing.

The balconies are made with phosphorescent bluish lighting, giving the building a fantastic look in the evenings.

Tower 25 by Keller | Manufacturer references

The two lower floors are occupied by shops, the six next floors are the offices of Ernst & Young (EY), the ten floors are occupied by apartments, and the last two floors are located in a private pool, in the garden and on the roof.

Tower 25 by Keller | Manufacturer references

Tower 25 by Keller | Manufacturer references

The spacious terraces have everything you need for air and even on the hottest days. North access and a balcony overlook the same functions.

Tower 25 by Jean Nouvel

All buildings were opened in the historical centre of Nicosia and the Venetian walls, as well as on Freedom Square (Eleftheria), the project of which was developed by the great Zaha Hadid.

Other facades are square in shape, random in shape. Some of them are windows, as well as in hot climate.

All projects of Jean Nouvel combine environmental friendliness, aesthetics and excellent functionality.

Photographs by Jörgis Yerolymbos provided by direct developers - Nice Day Developments.

In 2016, the building received the prestigious CTBUH Best Tall Building Europe 2016 award, becoming the best tall building in Europe.


Other projects of Nouvel:

Source: DOM LiVE

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