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6 September 2021

Parekklisia: a cozy area on the outskirts of Limassol

Last time we stopped at the Marco Polo building which is now under construction. Today we will walk further along the avenue towards the eastern edge of Parekklisia, go closer to the courtyards of houses and walk along the seacoast road.

Just behind the Marco Polo, a classic-style house is being built with charming decor on the façade. Behind it are private villas.

They have a rather extravagantly decorated entrance to the territory:

Any visitor to Parekklisia cannot escape the impressive-sized high-rises. This is the Ararat Grand Residences club house. The list of available apartments can be found here.

The developer promises that the building will become a real island of luxury. There will be a spa, restaurants, hammam, VIP bar, wine boutique and other pleasures of dear life. The Art Deco façade will be decorated with travertine and ivory marble.

Opposite Ararat Grand Residences, another high-rise is being built - Sabai. The project looks quite futuristic, and buyers who are tempted by the local apartments are promised a gorgeous view, access to the sea and a garden. The list of available objects can be found at the link.

Immediately behind the Sabai high-rise, there are two famous hotels: the Grand Resort and the Elias Beach Hotel, which welcome everyone who drives in the area from the highway to the city.

Here is an unusual view of the Elias Hotel, as if the hotel consists of many honeycombs:

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the street, time seemed to have stopped, and Limassol here froze somewhere in the 90s. Low-rise buildings, restaurants and kiosks throw us back in time.

Of all this monotony, only the restaurant complex stands out, combining several popular facilities into one space.

By the way, Parekklisia has its own bike path. It goes along the main avenue.

After passing by two large hotels, we cross the street to see this:

This is a pedestrian street that runs north from the main avenue. It looks like a portal to a magical land. What kind of narrative does it lead to? Unfortunately, travelers will be disappointed.

This path leads to the typical and not very new residential area Arya Garden.

Having got out of this place that did not meet our expectations, we will go a little further to the east and turn into the courtyards to the north of the avenue. There are some interesting buildings there.

The Spectrum by Aristo Developers (south and north facade)

Pay attention to the front door

On the other side of the road, one more modern residential complex is being built (the fourth in the Parekklisia tourist zone!).

This is the Chill complex. The developer promises the buyer "a delightful piece of contemporary Mediterranean architecture, cleverly designed apartments" and of course panoramic views. "

From here we will go to the sea to see lovely areas with private buildings.

All the villas here are named after the Greek gods, there is even one in honor of the god of the underworld, Hades.

We move further along the path to the sea.

Finally, the beach.

In the rays of the setting sun, we will admire the modern look of Limassol - the rapidly developing metropolis of the Eastern Mediterranean.

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