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7 October 2020

Work in Cyprus for non-EU citizens

Illegal employment of non-EU citizens in Cyprus, is the risk worth taking??

Recently there was a post on Facebook from one of the job seekers in Cyprus.

She (it was a girl) wrote the following:

Guys! Is it possible to find a job in Cyprus without EU citizenship, without a work visa, without knowledge of Greek and English (the post was written in Russian), but with a great desire to work.

The girl had at least 60 answers in the comments. Someone laughed, someone gloated and reproached the author for stupidity. But there were also those who gave real advice.

How do you feel about such advice? Obviously, this is a big risk.

The punishment for illegal work in Cyprus is equally severe for both the employee and the employer, they can even be jailed!

But... if you look for a legal job in Cyprus?

Of course, this is more correct, the only question is what is your legal status, what are your work skills, and whether you have the right to work in Cyprus.

If you are self-confident and have the right to work in the EU, then you will definitely find a job.

What to do for those who are self-confident, but do not have a legal ability to work in Cyprus? It will be much more difficult.

There are thousands of foreigners from non-EU countries, and mostly of them are ready to work for a small salary.

Construction, retail, public catering... The foreigners work wherever they are able to. It means that it is really difficult to obtain a work visa for these types of jobs. You need to develop your skills.

I have skills, but have no visa

The question here is what your skills are.

If you have construction skills, then it is almost 0% that you will be officially hired for construction, because there are now too many applicants for such work, who, unlike you, have the right to work in Cyprus.

We can say with confidence that there is a specialty that is in short supply in Cyprus, and if you have these skills, then a work permit can be obtained in an extremely short time.

This specialty is a specialist of the meat and dairy industry (preferably experienced). You can contact any meat and dairy plant in Cyprus.

Also this is a paradise for the IT industry. But it's not only about Cyprus. Good programmers are in demand everywhere.

More about the IT industry in Cyprus

There are already several IT communities in Cyprus, from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and EU.

Why Cyprus?

Because there are a lot of European and ex-Soviet companies here that have the right to hire foreigners if there are no specialists of this level among the locals. There are large forex companies and video game development companies, whose offices are located in Limassol and Nicosia.

There are more than enough vacancies in the Cypriot IT industry, here is a sample list:

  • fronted developers
  • project managers
  • QA engineers
  • copywriters
  • marketers
  • UX designers
  • backend developers
  • system analysts
  • and many others

In addition, the offices of IT companies always require service personnel:

  • drivers
  • cleaners
  • cooks

And for management, nannies and family drivers are constantly in demand (native speakers of the manager's language).

I am a EU citizen, but I'm not an IT specialist

If you have the right to work in Cyprus and you speak English... it will be much easier to find a job.

An EU passport and knowledge of the English language can change everything, but for successful competition in the labor market, it is necessary, in addition to English, to know Greek, and preferably Russian (or German/French).

Where to look for job in Cyprus?

First of all, write a good CV in English.

You can send your resume to:

  • groups in telegrams, for example "Cyprus work", "Cyprus_IT HR"
  • social networks Linkedin, Facebook ("Work in Cyprus")

Visit sites:

What documents do I need to prepare?

To obtain a work visa in Cyprus you will need:

  • international passport
  • apostilled police clearance certificate
  • medical insurance
  • rental agreement.

Often the employing company takes care of all the troubles associated with the relocation of the future employee and his family to Cyprus, so at the initial stage it will be sufficient to send the employer a well-written resume.

If you have to do all the preparatory work for obtaining a residence permit, then DOM Real Estate in Cyprus can kindly provide you with free services for finding housing for rent or purchase in Cyprus. In addition, their assistant conducts a free legal check of the property for encumbrances, and helps to conduct a transaction in the Department of Lands and Surveys.

How to look for a job in a pandemic?

Pandemic, quarantine and self-isolation have changed our way of life. We are used to working in an office, studying in a classroom, visiting cafes with friends, and watching new films in cinemas.

Far-sighted business leaders have already drawn conclusions from what happened and, as a result, have significantly reduced the number of employees present in the office, transferring them to remote locations.

What if there is no work visa in Cyprus?

Gain knowledge and skills that you can apply for remote work. Keep in mind that in 90% of cases, teleworking does not require a work permit. You can live in Cyprus or Seychelles, and do the work for a Russian/Arabic company.

Take the first 4 steps to the work of the future

  1. Start learning your 2nd or 3rd foreign language
  2. Choose a specialty suitable for remote work
  3. Get knowledge and first skills
  4. Find your dream company and submit your resume.
Interested in the island of Cyprus, but don't know which city to choose? You can see all the pros and cons of the island here.

We wish you to find a dream job and a place of residence!

Source: DOM LiVE
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