Water in Cyprus Means More Than Just Water

Вода на Кипре - больше, чем вода
30 August 2020 Angelica Dolphin

Cyprus is a yellow-green island, like a curled leaf on a turquoise sea surface. On an island surrounded by water, in fact, everything is complicated: there are not enough fresh water sources.

Therefore, water is quite expensive. We are used to spending it sparingly, not even because of the cost, but because we realize their value, and the sound of uselessly pouring water causes irritation.

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How is water supplied to houses in Cyprus?

In fact, in most parts of Cyprus, water is not there all the time, sometimes there are interruptions, which are not so uncommon on any dry island.

The residents of Cyprus do not feel this problem, since water tanks are installed on the roof of each house - separately for cold and hot water, for each apartment or house.

Paying water bills in Cyprus

Meter readings are read and invoices are mailed every three months. You can pay the bill in cash or by credit card - at a bank, through an ATM, at a water supply office, or online. In the latter case, you need to register on www.jccsmart.com, where you can easily pay all your bills by credit card.

Water tariffs vary depending on the area (in rural and mountainous areas they differ from urban tariffs).

The approximate cost is about €0.9 per cubic meter, but with an increase in consumption, the cost rises.

The "black mark" of the Cyprus water utility, after which the Great Drought will come

If suddenly one fine morning you woke up and found that you had not a drop of water in your tap, the first thing to do is to ask your neighbors (if we are talking about an apartment), or residents of neighboring households (if you live in a private house), if they have water.

If they are faced with the same problem, the easiest and fastest way to resolve this issue is visit the committee of residents of your house/street or a management company that provides services to your house.

They will contact Cyprus Waterboard - Water Development Department. It usually takes from a few hours to (in extremely rare cases) a few days.

If it turns out that only you do not have water, there may be two reasons:

  • accident or breakdown in your tank and pipes
  • disconnection of water for non-payment.

And now we come to the most important thing!

The employees of the Water Development Department are confused when the “X date” comes and you may be disconnected from the water for non-payment.

We asked three different employees, and each of them sees the situation differently:

  • Water is cut off when the bill exceeds €100
  • Water is cut off after 6 months of non-payment, regardless of the amount
  • Water is cut off after 12 months of non-payment, regardless of the amount.

There is only one sure sign that you cannot miss: the “black mark” from the water utility. This is the last warning and after a few days, a maximum of one to two weeks, the water will be turned off.

If you see that your meter has disappeared and a black marker has appeared on the pipe leading to it, you need to find the last water bill as soon as possible and rush to the local branch at full speed (the addresses and phone numbers of the branch in each city are listed below ) - if, of course, you want the water to return to you today.

This is what the water pipes look like on the roof, where there used to be a meter cut off by a merciless hand:

The Cyprus Department of Water Development is open until 2:00 pm, so if you don't get there by at least noon, the chances of water being turned on on that day are extremely low.

Return of water

So, you need to come to the local department of the Water Development Department and pay off the debt + €65 for reconnection. The amount can be quite large. If you have difficult life circumstances (illness, job loss, etc.). - do not wait for the "black mark" and "date X".

The Department employs people who have seen many sad stories. It is better to go in advance with all supporting documents (unemployment, medical records, etc.) and ask for a delay in payment, as well as split the bill into several small amounts that you can afford to pay.

How to connect water in Cyprus in a new home after moving in?

The meter can be connected by contacting the water supply office. You will need the following documents:

  • Passport and proof of residential address (utility bills no older than 6 months)
  • Previous water bill
  • Sale and purchase agreement (for new buildings)
  • Deposit (the amount is different for EU citizens and third-country nationals, and also depends on whether you rent or own a home). On average, for non-citizens of Cyprus renting a house, the deposit will be about €250, for owners - €50, but in each case it is better to clarify in advance.

More information about re-registering water in your name is available at the following link.

Where to go for any “water” issues in Cyprus?

Here you can find all the detailed information about each area separately.


Source: DOM LiVE

Photos: pixabay.com

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