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16 March 2023

Top 10 life hacks on how to sell your apartment in Cyprus at high price

If you want to sell your apartment in Cyprus at a high price without the involvement of specialists, then this article is for you! We will tell you about simple but effective ways to increase the value of your apartment and find buyers as quickly as possible.

Start by studying the market for similar offerings

Check not only in your area, but also in nearby ones. This will give you a more accurate picture of what's happening. If you're not in a rush, it's worth looking at the market trends, how quickly housing sells at the advertised prices, whether owners are lowering their prices, and so on.

When comparing your apartment with others, stick to several criteria:

  1. Location: neighboring houses can differ in terms of noise, weather, and infrastructure characteristics.
  2. The area of the apartment and its layout: in this case, you should look not only at the total cost but also at the price per square meter.
  3. The quality of the repairs: the cost of apartments of the same area in the same building can differ significantly due to finishing.
  4. The quality of building materials: similar-looking apartments can differ in terms of thermal and sound insulation, energy efficiency class, and other nuances.
  5. The proximity of infrastructure facilities: these are schools and kindergartens, parking lots, clinics, bank offices, and other necessary organizations. Public transport stops in Cyprus are less in demand than parking lots and access to major roads because 99% of adult residents of Cyprus use their private cars.
  6. Primary and secondary housing: initially, you should not compare secondary housing (what you are selling) and new buildings.

In addition to analyzing real estate in Cyprus, study how owners behave. Note all the weak points and take note of them. For example, a common problem in Cyprus is poor photos taken by owners (and sometimes realtors). To make your offer look more attractive against their background, take care of high-quality photos – this will be discussed below.

Find out the value of your property

If you have the money, you can order a property appraisal from a specialist. But keep in mind that this is not a panacea. The indicated amount will be approximate, and it is up to the owner of the apartment to decide which way to go from there.

Make the apartment visually more spacious

Try to maintain order in the house if you live in it. Put things in their places and in closets, and move the children's play area to one room. Remove some of the furniture, especially the least necessary. This option is good if you do not live in the apartments for sale. But it is also not worth leaving the apartment completely empty, then all coziness will disappear from it. Arrange the furniture so that it does not clutter the space.

Take care of the lighting. Make sure that daylight works for you to the maximum. Open all windows, remove heavy curtains (if possible) for at least the duration of the showing. Take photos on a sunny day. If the apartment viewing takes place in dark or cloudy weather, add warm artificial lighting. You will spend on a couple of new fixtures, but in the end, you will win a more significant amount when selling.

Do not forget that light colors visually increase space, and dark colors decrease it. Try repainting the walls in a light shade (and refresh the repair), as well as removing large dark items.

Do a thorough cleaning.

A clean apartment seems more attractive on a subconscious level. Of course, if you live with your family in the apartments you are selling, it is difficult to maintain "surgical cleanliness." But here you can play on a more cozy home atmosphere.

Another option is to move out temporarily and rent a place while you bring your own home to a pristine condition. It's best to use the services of a cleaning company - they are relatively inexpensive in Cyprus and have the latest equipment and a range of specialized products. After a thorough cleaning, your apartment will definitely shine with new colors.

If one cleaning isn't enough, don't hesitate to put in some effort for cosmetic repairs. You won't spend a lot of money or time on them, but you'll be able to increase the value of your property by 2-3% after all the manipulations.

Take care of pleasant smells and silence

A beautiful picture is not everything. Of course, at the stage of posting ads with photos, this is an important part, but during "live" viewings, not only the visual component is noted.

For many people, smells play a significant role in life. They create quite strong triggers for memories and a general sense of what's happening. Even if your potential buyers don't belong to such people, they will still feel uncomfortable smelling cigarette smoke, pets, or recently cooked food in their future apartment.

Here are some tips on how to create a pleasant atmosphere for your visitors:

  1. Coffee: It's the easiest and fairly strong aroma that successfully "covers" other smells. Just brew some fresh coffee before your visitors arrive - you can also offer them a cup, which will add to their positive experience.
  2. Diffusers and scented candles: Here, you need to be careful not to overdo it and create an overwhelming cloud of smells. Use fresh, simple, and not overpowering scents such as light citrus, cloves, "marine" compositions, and subtle woody notes.
  3. Mopping the floors with added essential oils: You can add a few drops of essential oils to the water in your bucket and mop the floors with it. This will provide a light fragrance in the room.
  4. Fresh flowers: Why not, especially if it's in season! Place 2-3 vases of flowers in different rooms. This will not only add pleasant aromas, but also decorate the space.
  5. Open or closed windows? If it has rained recently, something fragrant is blooming outside, or a pleasant sea breeze is wafting in - open the windows and let nature help you create the right atmosphere. However, if the windows face a dusty and noisy street, it's best to close them tightly during the apartment viewing.

Avoid cooking food before potential buyers arrive. Even fragrant baked goods can create mixed feelings, so make sure to ventilate the room in advance and use the tips mentioned above.

Tip: If people have smoked in the apartment before, the smell will definitely linger in the wallpaper and furniture. The only way to get rid of it is by doing cosmetic repairs and removing all items, but it will also require 1-2 weeks of airing out.

A quiet and calm atmosphere is also an important factor. Close all windows that let in irritating noise, and if possible, ask all household members to leave the apartment during the viewing - especially if there are children. Silence will help you concentrate and create the right impression.

Add a Highlight

This item will require some imagination, but if implemented successfully, it will add a few percentage points to the value of the property. The highlight in the apartment should not be too specific in order not to narrow the circle of buyers. It is better if it is functional, but aesthetic options will also work.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Walk-in closet. Not all apartments in Cyprus have one. If you add it, you will definitely attract more buyers.
  2. Interesting balcony. If you position it as a cozy relaxation area, the apartment will automatically become more attractive.
  3. Antiques. Even a small item with an interesting history can increase the value of the property. It will be nice for the buyer to receive something special as a gift.

Perhaps your property already has some unique feature. People like arches, niches, panoramic windows, and unusual flooring. Be sure to highlight this to increase the attractiveness of the property.

Provide "clean" documents

Of course, in order to sell an apartment at a price higher than the market price, it must be completely clean in terms of documents. This includes permission for redevelopment (if any), the absence of debts for utilities. The property should not be mortgaged, and it is desirable that there is only one owner.

Of course, document processing is a long and complicated process in any country. But if you are focused on getting as much as possible from the sale of the apartment, then it is definitely worth doing.

Pay attention to the right photos and description

As mentioned earlier, beautiful photos from owners are rare. This is a problem not only in Cyprus, but also in many other countries around the world. The plus is that with minimal effort, you can outdo "competitors" by making your ad as attractive as possible.

If you can't take good photos, turn to a photographer. Of course, this entails certain expenses, but they will definitely pay off. At the very least, your offer will have increased demand, and this automatically justifies a higher price.

Hint: A video as a mini-tour wouldn't hurt either. With the right shooting skills and a good smartphone, you can shoot it yourself.

A separate point is the text of the ad. Firstly, local residents are mainly interested in second-hand property in Cyprus. Therefore, it is very important to write the ad text in Greek and English. Russian can also be left, but at the very end. If you don't speak foreign languages well, turn to translators. For example, students will take very little from you. You can find them on freelance exchanges online.

Write in detail. Ads that say "all details by phone or on inspection" are disliked by everyone. Remember that the buyer looks at many options, and he wants to narrow down the search. Of course, he will choose from more understandable and detailed descriptions.

Trick: In addition to the mass of advantages, indicate 1-3 minor disadvantages. For example, that the lock on the interior door is slightly loose and needs to be replaced. This will create a sense of complete honesty and that the text was written by a real person interested in the deal.

Ensure constant communication with potential buyers

At the stage of posting ads and viewings, you will have to spend a lot of time communicating with people. Try not to miss phone calls and respond to messages within 10-15 minutes.

Please provide a detailed schedule of when you can communicate with potential buyers. Of course, someone may try to call you outside of business hours, but most people tend to pay attention to this information. You can provide the contact information of several household members. This way, you can be sure not to miss a call or message from someone interested in viewing the apartment.

Take care of your neighbors

When choosing an apartment, especially for your own living, buyers are always interested in their neighbors. The best solution in this case is to be honest. If you do not know who your neighbors are, at least introduce yourself briefly and explain the purpose of the introduction. Perhaps during the viewing, potential buyers will want to meet the neighbors in person. Anticipate this moment and discuss it in advance. If politely asked, as a rule, none of the neighbors will refuse. Also, don't forget to talk about the property management company, especially if the complex is closed and provides various services to its residents.

Entrance and surrounding area

Many people forget that getting to know a property begins before visiting it. The entrance road, surrounding area, entrance, and courtyard all matter in creating a first impression. While it is almost impossible to do much about the road and surrounding area, you can improve the entrance. Typically, on Cyprus, they keep the entrances clean, so you won't have to do anything special. But if you don't like the situation, try discussing the possibility of hiring a cleaning service with your neighbors.

To sell or rent out your property quickly.

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