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17 June 2020

The cheapest Cyprus property by the sea: find it out now!

Halfway between Limassol and Larnaca, the village of Pentacomo has a place where you can buy the cheapest property on the island, and right by the sea.

Prices start at 15,000 euros. This is a small settlement with trailer trailers, which over time have turned into cozy houses with gardens.

What is the catch? What explains such low prices and how is life in the settlement arranged? We will talk about all the pros and cons of this property - and the choice, as always, is yours.


Governor's beach and its history

In 1989, the Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO) invested several million pounds in camping in this paradise, off one of the island’s most famous beaches, Governor’s beach.

Sunset, Sea, Seashore, Nature, Landscape, Rocky Coast

According to legend, this beach got its name from one of the English governors (governors) - the governors of Cyprus during British colonialism in the 19th century.

The governor's office was in Nicosia, but he preferred to live here, on the seashore among the lush vegetation at the foot of the mountains, blown by the breeze. And we totally understand him.

Only here there are huge white calcareous cliffs, similar to the huge white whales frozen in thought. The sand here is black, almost volcanic, the sea is dark blue and crystal clear, cool even in the hottest months.

Nature is striking in its diversity: due to the unique microclimate there is increased humidity, and therefore there are dozens of varieties of trees, shrubs, herbs and flowers that are usually found in different parts of the island: pines, plane trees, cypresses, araucaria, acacia, jacaranda ... You can list continue indefinitely.

Groomed camping territory:

The camping administration is located here, at the Kalymnos tavern:

Who owns the land on which the campsite is located?

The original owner of this land is a Turkish Cypriot who fled to the northern part of the island after the well-known events of 1974. We were unable to find out if he receives any part of the income from the use of his land.

In 2012, the campus management license was transferred from CTO to the rural municipality of the village of Pentacomo, which, in turn, leased it to the owner of the coastal restaurant Kalymnos.

White cliff in a blue sea:

The trailer town brings its owners about 400,000 euros per year. The annual rental of space for one trailer costs, depending on its size, 1200 - 1600 euros per year (that is, 100 euros per month or a little more, but you need to pay the entire amount for the year at once). Currently, the campsite has about 400 wagons.

Each one has its number:

However, they can be called trailers only conditionally - some of them look (and are) full houses. Only small ones.

Types of trailers

What is the foundation of the foundations, without the acquisition of which you cannot settle here?

A trailer is a metal trailer 3 m wide and 8-12 meters long. They can differ from each other as strikingly as ordinary houses: there are tiny, medium-sized and large ones.

There are old cars with the smell of dust and dampness and mold in the bathroom, there are new, comfortable, with a high level of comfort. It all depends on the budget.

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Prices start, as we wrote above, from 15,000 euros for an old and not very comfortable little trailer and go up to 25-35,000 euros for a spacious new trailer or trailer, which eventually transformed into a house with a veranda, a summer kitchen and a small garden.

Let's see what's inside?

Let's go on an excursion to visit someone. So, we go in and find ourselves in a small living room, on the right or left side of the board - a small kitchen, a lounge, a pair of bedrooms reminiscent of ship cabins, as well as a bathroom with a sink, shower and toilet.

Almost all Cypriot wagons are brought from the UK, so if you don’t want to live like a traditional English gentleman, you will have to redo something: for example, paint or wallpaper the walls glued with wallpaper in a rustic flower or strip, change the faucets in the kitchen and bathroom in your room so that hot and cold water doesn’t flow separately, and possibly deal with mold - wagons brought from Misty Albion often sin because of the damp rainy climate.

After acquiring the trailer, people begin to settle down - each in its own way. Those who come here from Nicosia only for the weekend in the summer, from the strength of buying a dryer for things and a deck chair for the patio and calm down on this.

Inside of a narrow park model. They do make them 12 ft wide. (With ...

Those who purchase a trailer as their only and permanent place of residence take the matter seriously: they fill the foundation, lay the tiles and install the canopy in the yard, turning it into a covered terrace with a kitchen, dining room and living room, where you can stay almost all year round, and the trailer turns into a “sleeping place”.

They install air conditioning, a washing machine, a satellite “dish” and surf the Internet, plant flower bushes around the house, Cypriot patriots hang the flag of Cyprus and Greece (or both) over the house, elderly Englishmen put a statue of Aphrodite at the entrance, and live happily ever after, celebrating birthdays with the neighbours and feeding a large pack of cats.

With their peppy rosy appearance, they suggest that this is the best option for housing on the island - cheap, cheerful, in the lap of nature, and not afraid of any earthquake, default, pandemic or collapse of the real estate market. If you get tired, you can load your trailer on a ferry and swim where your eyes look. Movable property.

This is a public toilet and shower. On sunny days, one can take shower here - there are solar panels installed on the roof). They are used mostly by tourists who stay in tents paying daily rent (about 2 euros per day per person). The owners of the trailers bathe "at home":

Infrastructure of the settlement

In the town there are conditional streets, which are named according to some signs or names of old-timers known only to residents: the third drive up from the red house or where Costas lives. There are no addresses here, that is, a parcel here, for example, cannot be ordered.

People living here when shopping online indicate their work address, the address of friends or acquaintances, where the notification of the package is delivered.

Ordering food here is also unlikely to succeed: it will not be taken from Limassol (after all, 26 km one way), from the nearest village of Pentacomo, too, and there is nothing special to order there, except for barbecue. So all hope for yourself.

The cost of electricity to residents of the campsite is 20% more expensive than the usual price for households: this price includes the price of lighting the town at night. Without light, there would be total darkness and expanse for criminals - but for now, fortunately, everything is calm here.

There is even a tattoo studio in the settlement :)

The people here as a whole live not rich, there’s nothing special to profit from, and you can make problems yourself very simply: all residents know each other by sight, and every stranger — someone’s guest — is in full view.

The place is quite isolated and generally safe. In the entire history of the existence of this settlement, even its old-timers cannot remember any crimes.

The British pensioners who decided to settle on the island were among the first to settle there. A caravan car, which is a small house on wheels, is the most budgetary decision, said practical Englishmen and brought their trailers to Cyprus. By the way, in England, on the outskirts of cities, there are entire trailer villages, consisting of slender rows of such wagons - poor people live there.

However, there are two big “buts.” However, there are two “buts”: buying a home in this place does not give you almost any property rights, and housing itself can only be called such conditionally.

Sea, Seashore, Nature, Landscape, Rocky Coast, Seaside

The view one can stare at endlessly:

In addition, non-citizens of the European Union will not be able to obtain any residence permit on the basis of renting or buying a trailer or a house at the campsite. Even if you are a happy owner of a luxury class car (they exist), this does not give you the right to obtain a residence permit in Cyprus on the grounds that you have real estate here - of course, a car is not considered real estate.

Legal aspect 

Currently, the lease between the owners and tenants is signed for 20 years, which means that by entering into a contract in 2020, you can live here until 2040, provided that the rent and electricity bills are paid on time.

There have been several publications in the press that the government is unhappy that the camping site has turned into a “pirate” town.

In general, any permanent structures are prohibited here, whether it is a foundation, an attached kitchen or a room (rooms), a roof, a veranda, a canopy, etc. This should be a trailer, which at any time can be attached to the car and taken to another place. The government practically threatens that all unauthorized buildings will be destroyed, but this is unlikely to happen.

The population of the town is at least 1000 people - these are the people who live here all year round: English and local pensioners, low-income Cypriot families with children, a certain number of our compatriots. If their annexes are demolished, all these people will remain on the street - and as long as the rules of security and peaceful coexistence are respected, no one will disturb the residents.

Tourists prefer to stay in tents - it costs 2 euro per day:

But we still do not recommend making serious investments, buying or renting a trailer here - just in case.

Short review video:

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I just wondered whether this 'mobile home' site is still open and running ?
It looks like a place I could happily live in......
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