2023 home decor trends: TOP 8 ideas to try

Как модно оформить интерьер в 2023 году: ТОП-8 интереснейших трендов
10 February 2023 Irina Zholnirova

Fashion is a capricious and changeable thing. Today there is one trend, tomorrow is completely different. It is not so easy to update the interior, and no one will do this every season. This is probably why trends in fashionable interior design are more durable.

Here you can find the most interesting trends of 2023. Thanks to them, you can make your own fresh ideas for updating your home or finally decide to renovate.

No monotony!

Even last year, monochrome and plain interiors were insanely relevant. In 2023, this idea became not so popular. Even ambiguous "cheerful" interiors are better than something solid and colorless.

At the same time, one should not think that monochrome interiors become completely, completely unfashionable. For example, gray can be diversified by adding a metallic sheen or texture to it. The heterogeneity of the general background is appreciated: under a tree, under a stone, under a fabric, as well as certain prints.

In addition, there is a shift from light tones to dark ones. If earlier preference was given to milky and warm gray shades, today malachite, obsidian, quartz, deep red and brown tones are popular.

Hint: in small and poorly lit rooms, dark tones can play a cruel joke, visually reducing the space.

Of course, light colors are still in trend, but they should be "more fun". These are fruit shades, pastels, light ornamentation, the addition of a glossy or metallic sheen, as well as the predominance of natural light materials.

Bright Mediterranean

If you have read our article about the Mediterranean style, then you will surely remember that it has several directions. Now we are talking not so much about Greek and Italian styles, but Spanish and Arabic. Moreover, it is not necessary that there be a lot of ornament and variegation, rather, only a delightful color scheme should be taken from them.

They have an excellent combination of naturalness and brightness. The palm is given to the colors of spices: warm, juicy and at the same time not intrusive:

  1. cinnamon;
  2. mustard and turmeric;
  3. red pepper and paprika;
  4. matcha tea;
  5. dried aromatic herbs;
  6. purple basil, etc.

Also pay attention to the deep shades of azure and turquoise, orange and red-orange.

Note that the Moroccan variegation is still inappropriate. Bright multi-color ornaments are allowed only in stylized interiors. In general, the listed tones are well combined with each other on large objects. So, petrol-colored chairs will stand up perfectly against the wall of a muted mustard shade.

Hint: Mediterranean style is "native" to Cyprus. It's just a sin not to use his techniques and color combinations!

Stones and jewels

Natural stone and its imitation are more and more part of everyday life. Color heterogeneity, texture, stunning color combinations and a reference to the natural principle - is this not enough to make the stone a favorite of the 2023 season?

By the way, it is not at all necessary to use stone and its substitutes. You can simply be inspired by some beautiful mineral: take its tones and the “pattern” created by nature itself on the cut.

Precious stones are used in the interior, of course, not in the literal sense. This refers to a color scheme filled with depth and brilliance. The most relevant shades are emerald, ruby, sapphire and amber. It is desirable that something somewhere gleams a little. Then the effect will be amazing.

Style Mix

Designers began to combine incompatible styles. It turns out, we must admit, very good! Fashionable "hybrids" are confidently replacing pure styles, expanding the space for experimentation and bold decisions.

The top style mix of 2023 is Japandi. It is easy to guess that this is a mixture of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. It would seem, well, how can you organically combine far Asia and strict cold Scandinavia? It turns out that it is very possible.

The main features of the Japandi style are:

  1. a combination of monochrome and restrained natural tones (dusty pink, denim, graphite, olive, dark green);
  2. simplicity combined with slight negligence, imperfection (rough finish of wood, textiles, texture);
  3. the absence of unnecessary elements with a general feeling of amazing comfort;
  4. using predominantly natural materials.

Another bold and very successful solution is to add bright and obviously non-functional things to the minimalist style. Just imagine that a carved chest of drawers appeared in your discreet bedroom. Sounds weird, looks great!

Designers are so inspired by this idea that they continue to come up with more and more "hybrid" styles. You can choose any of them, and if you have the desire and time for creativity, then come up with your own style.

Light mess

The Internet and interior catalogs are full of pictures of perfectly clean rooms. But in the 21st century, it’s time to “relax your belts”, and live not according to pictures, but according to your own feelings of comfort. Moreover, comfort and negligence are becoming fashionable—this should be used with might and main!

The most important thing is to create the feeling that people really live in an apartment or house. A toy forgotten by children or a worn dog bed from now on is not “horror, it should be cleaned up sooner”, but a full-fledged element of the interior. Bare walls, empty tables, and closed cabinets are out of the 2023 trends.

It is easiest to use open shelves for storage. It is allowed to make tables and chests of drawers with books, vases and other things dear to the heart. The most important thing is not to overdo it so that the disorder does not turn into an element.

Unusual lighting and strange fixtures

Colored, neon, hidden lighting are all back in fashion. Yes, to be honest, it didn’t really come out of it. But now it's literally a squeak! You can highlight everything: a kitchen set, furniture, even carpets and curtains. It can be both built-in hidden lamps, and quite catchy garlands and ribbons.

If you do not want to experiment with lighting, you can limit yourself to buying an outlandish lamp. It can be both an antique item and something modern, designer and even funny.

Handmade things

And it's not just about expensive little things from super-masters. Finally, you can safely use hand-made! This way you can kill several trendy “hares” with one shot: achieve slight negligence, use natural materials, get the exclusivity of your own interior. It's time to sew, knit or draw something. By the way, it is recommended to involve children in this exciting action! Together, the whole family will have an exciting time and decorate your home.

For Cyprus, wood products from local craftsmen remain relevant. If you manage to get hold of real Cypriot chairs or buy some embroidery from the village of Lefkara, you are half done. It is also worth paying attention to local ceramics. If you want, you can return to the previous paragraph and do something yourself. Moreover, in all major cities there are pottery studios that conduct master classes.

Multifunctional and textured textiles

There can be a lot of textiles. These are the trends of 2023 in interior design. Moreover, it plays the most significant role. Today, textiles are not only a decorative item, but also a completely functional thing. For example, partitions-curtains are becoming popular, both for studio apartments and for spacious rooms. Making a working nook is a good idea for almost any room, especially since hanging curtains does not require complicated installation.

It is better to choose colors either plain or slightly mixed. Excessive variegation and cutting eye brightness is useless.

Bonus: what's out of fashion for 2023

Of course, it is worth considering outgoing trends so as not to waste your time on them. And if you have any of the following and you have been dreaming of refreshing your interior for a long time, it's time to do it! Consider that we give you a charge of inspiration.

So, what is left in the recent past:

  1. Loft style. He stayed at the peak for about 10 years and during this time pleased a lot of people. Loft is a really interesting solution, but, unfortunately, unfashionable. The way out is to mix it with another style, especially since it is just now very popular.
  2. Pure Scandinavian style. Like the loft, he served faithfully, and is now temporarily retired. But did he leave behind many "descendants" or "successors"? In general, Japandi is not the only style based on Scandi, there are more of them: Scandi Boho, Scandi Loft, Scandi Provence. Just a million ideas!
  3. Monochromatic light interiors. They can be quite successfully "refreshed" by adding something bright and shiny. It can be new furniture, and some interesting decor. And do not forget that color lighting is in fashion, which will instantly transform a monotonous interior!
  4. Wardrobes. Today, not a single designer will offer the customer to make a wardrobe in the room. The alternative is swing wardrobes, chests of drawers (and chests!) and even open shelves of various shapes and sizes.
  5. Sterile purity. The dazzling whiteness, the absence of things and the general atmosphere of the “just washed” room now do not cause admiration. A habitable and cozy space is valued much higher.
  6. Kitchen and bedroom sets. Large furniture sets are called mauvais ton, and there is some truth in this. However, this does not mean that it is worth being radical and completely abandoning them. Perhaps you should choose a dilution companion or order furniture so that it does not look like a boring monolith.

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